12.02.2024 Article

Governor Agbu Kefas Deafening Silence Over the Return Of Tiv Refugees In Wukari Portends Grave Danger

By John Akevi
Governor Agbu Kefas Deafening Silence Over the Return Of Tiv Refugees In Wukari Portends Grave Danger
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"If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality” – Desmond Tutu

The deafening silence by Governor Agbu Kefas, over the continue blocking of Tiv refugees from returning to their ancestral homes in Wukari Local Government Area portends great danger to Taraba State's corporate existence and stability.

This lackadaisical and undemocratic attitude by the governor gets worse when we take into cognisance the arrogance attitude of the Council Chairman of Wukari Local Government Area, Mr Samaila Daudu.

The Governor cannot be aloof in this situation. He has been aloof so far and that is extremely risky for the future of the Tiv refugees' in Wukari Local Government Area. Governor Agbu has to intervene, bring his authority to bear on the condition of Tiv refugees' and straighten out their situation immediately.

When it gets to a stage where things have degenerated to level that the Council Chairman Mr Samaila Daudu is blocking Tiv refugees from returning to their ancestral homes and everybody is looking and the Governor is saying nothing, give the impression in many quarters that he is the main enabler.

It is against this backdrop that his present silence is worrisome to the entire Tiv people in Taraba State who hold him in high esteem, but see his silence as capable of sending the wrong signal(s) not only to the Tiv refugees, but also the Tiv community as well as other tribes in the state.

If leaders including members of the international community could show so much anxiety over the condition of the Tiv refugees in Wukari Local Government Area, it is unimaginable that Governor Agbu Kefas would be comfortable in not speaking out against the injustice. The governor must rise above these sentiments and act like a true leader. His silence is already being subjected to varied imputations, the wrong conclusions of which may not be in his interest at the end.

Given this background, the governor should breaks his silence and at least openly call the Council Chairman, Mr. Samaila Daudu to order. He should also order for the immediate return of the Tiv refugees in their ancestral homes in Wukari. Every lover of peace must intervene so that the multiplier effects of the Council Chairman, Mr. Samaila Daudu actions do not continue to compound the refugees’ sufferings and woe.

However, if on the other hand the Governor has sympathy for the Tiv refugees in Wukari, he should declare his position so that posterity can judge him. But, clearly, no one can pretend to underrate the grave implications of the governor's divisive character.

If Governor Agbu Kefas does not love the Tiv people enough to speak up in condemnation of the action of the Council Chairman, this will led many to believe that the governor has no regard for the Tiv people who voted him overwhelmingly in 2023.

Scripted By Citizen John Akevi,
Bauchi State,