We Don’t Need The NDC To Protect This Election, We, Ghanaians Are Going To Protect It – Kwabena Bobie Ansah

Feature Article We Dont Need The NDC To Protect This Election, We, Ghanaians Are Going To Protect It – Kwabena Bobie Ansah
NOV 25, 2023 LISTEN

"Be assured Ghanaians, we don't need the NDC to protect this election—we Ghanaians are going to protect this election with everything," that’s the clear message from Ghanaian radio journalist, Kwabena Bobie Ansah. Since I have already stated that Ghanaians shouldn't consider the effort to restore Ghana's vibrant economy as a battle between the NDC and the NPP, but should be a fight between the entire country and the NPP, I became very interested in Mr. Ansah's passionate message to Ghanaians.

Ghana is in a dangerous situation, and the direction the nation is currently taking is truly frightening. However, aside from the state-sponsored journalists who support and promote the government's immoralities, the nation is left with a small number of journalists who are unwilling to back down in the face of tyrant Akufo Addo and who are willing to take on this government head-on, even if it means their deaths. That is my goal, and I am happy to recognize this man's efforts to help Ghana.

The people of Ghana have become too complacent and fail to recognize the true threat that would confront them after 2024 if they do not take action to stop Jean Mensa and Bossman Asare, the NPP politician stationed in the Electoral Commission office, from carrying out their diabolical actions. Ghana's government is neither democratically administered nor controlled by politicians, Mafioso criminals control the nation; and their sole concern is looting and destroying the nation.

Akufo Addo and the NPP politicians have destroyed the country beyond remedy and without any remorse, regret, sympathy, or feeling the pain of the people, they rather keep telling Ghanaians that they will break the eighth cycle. That should tell everyone that this is a plot to hide serious financial crime and various levels of public corruption. Since their financial crimes have destroyed businesses, banking institutions, and both foreign and local investments, the NPP must go together with their Bawumia.

Mr. Kwabena Bobie Ansah, dissatisfied with the disasters that have befallen our country, has chastised the government for ignoring some issues and yet wants to elect a destructive politician to the presidency. "Ghanaians will devise a strategy against Akufo Addo and Bawumia and it will shock them," the speaker emphasized. I wholeheartedly endorse Bobie Ansah's words since I have stated in several of my publications that the NPP will go through exactly what happened at the Assin North in 2024.

Readers of this writer's column will agree with me when I began alerting Ghanaians about Akufo Addo and his relative finance minister, Ken Ofori-Atta, at least four years ago. Many disagreed with me when I said that Akufo Addo is more corrupt than the Mahama, and more crucially, that Ken Ofori-Atta was appointed to make corruption much easier for the family, which is the calamity of today, in a country where many people value tribalism more than development.

The NPP is well-positioned to use the embezzled funds, which have grown to be a massive debt on the shoulders of the suffering people, to finance or persuade the people to vote for them. Fortunately, the people are now wise enough to know that the seven years of the NPP have been a complete disaster, sending many people to their untimely deaths. Therefore; they will take the money from the vote purchasers and still throw them out of power, thus; their schemes to buy votes will backfire.

Consider a president who, although having committed combat corruption and illicit mining, has been revealed to be complicit in both of these crimes. I wholeheartedly endorse Kevin Taylor, and I am also fully in favor of Mr. Kwabena Bobie Ansah's efforts to ensure that this pack of destructive wolves is driven out of the former Flagstaff House, which I know will happen. If I were Akufo Addo, he ought to start packing his stuff from the "Julor Bi House.”