Thu, 09 Nov 2023 Feature Article

Building the Ghana We Want

Building the Ghana We Want

The Flag bearer and former President of Ghana, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama is set to embark on the #BuildingGhanaTour. The purpose of his tour is to interact with Ghanaians on building a better and prosperous nation. In 2020, the former President engaged in “speak out” tour, something similar to his current program. The “speakout” tour was very instrumental in the NDC developing one of the best Manifestoes for the 2020 elections. it afforded the former President and the Manifesto committee an opportunity to listen to Ghanaians and incorporate their ideas in the 2020 NDC Manifesto.

As a communication professional, H.E. John Dramani Mahama understands development communication and its impact on national development. The current program if successfully rolled out would endear him to the grassroot and help him understand the challenges at the grassroot.

The recently held meeting between the TUC and the flag bearer is a positive step towards inclusiveness and an open door policy which forms the bedrock of good governance. The idea of interacting with Ghanaians, institutions and other relevant bodies is laudable and must be commended by every well-meaning Ghanaian.

Former President Mahama during the interaction laid out some of the programs and policies that the next NDC government would put in place to restore hope and confidence in the Ghanaian economy which is currently not in a good shape.

The NPP government’s appetite to tax Ghanaians into poverty without a corresponding development program, recent haircuts on investor’s funds, job losses in the financial and other sectors, high government expenditure on its officers and functionaries and its inability to repay loans and other statutory payments has made things very difficult for the common man.

Ghanaians cannot afford the basic necessities of life and there seems to be no relief insight even though our current Veep was touted as an economic wiz kid who had the magic wand to turn things around for the better. The Vice President who now doubles as the Flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party has conveniently ditched economic issues and now parades himself as an IT guru.

It is refreshing to hear former President, John Mahama highlighting some of the solutions to our economic challenges during his meeting with the TUC. His idea of running a 24 hour economy is a master stroke which when implemented successfully would help reduce unemployment and rake in some money for development.

Currently cities like New York, Buenos Aires, London and Tokyo all have a 24hour economy which is boosting businesses and creating opportunities for businesses and the unemployed.

It is refreshing to have the flag bearer of the NDC engage in this building Ghana tour, it is my fervent hope that the views and concerns of the ordinary Ghanaians would be considered by the manifesto committee to ensure that practical solutions are fashioned out to solve the challenges facing the country.

Mustapha Jimah
Communication Team Member, Ablekuma Central NDC [email protected]