ECOWAS’ planned military invasion of Niger 'likely to result in World War III' — Stephen Atubiga

Headlines ECOWAS planned military invasion of Niger 'likely to result in World War III' — Stephen Atubiga
AUG 22, 2023 LISTEN

Stephen Atubiga, leader of the National Liberation Congress (NLC), has warned that ECOWAS threatening military intervention in Niger could result into a global conflict.

In a Facebook post on Monday, August 21, Mr. Atubiga cautioned that the action can led to global crisis.

"The invasion of the country Niger by some African countries is the seed and beginning of World War 3,” he noted.

He compared the recent development in the West African subregion to foreign interventions that triggered wider wars.

"You all remember Afghanistan and the Russian invasion of Afghanistan when America supported the Taliban and Made Osama Bin Laden. Who helped defeat the Russians to retreat,” he noted.

The former NDC member claimed the West attempt to restore constitutional order in Niger is aimed at controlling the country's uranium supply and gas pipeline to Europe, in order to cut dependence on Russia.

He alleges Russia has strategically bonded with African nations to maintain its monopoly, reason he claims other Western countries are supporting ECOWAS over it planned military intervention.

“Remember Russia is the only country that has not colonized any African country. And helped lots of African countries to gain independence, with training, funding, and logistical support to fight for freedom," he wrote.

The NLC leader warned the conflict could have devastating consequences for Africa, indicating, “sea transportation sector. Food and goods will be a problem. Jobs will be lost.”

He urged African leaders to avoid war and seek diplomatic solutions in restoring constitutional rule in Niger.

Isaac Donkor Distinguished
Isaac Donkor Distinguished

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