Mysterious deaths hit Emena after cemetery desecration

By Jacob Agyenim Boateng || Contributor
Social News Mysterious deaths hit Emena after cemetery desecration

Residents of Emena in the Oforikrom Municipality of the Ashanti Region are in fear and panic after recording four mysterious deaths in one month after cemetery desecration.

According to them, they suspect mysterious deaths have hit the community following the destruction of the town's old age cemetery and some sacred places by a private individual.

The residents say, while it was natural to see one live a life and die, recent deaths in the community beat their imagination as they are finding it difficult to understand how the four deaths recorded in the last month occurred.

Some residents in an interview with this reporter on Monday, August 7, 2023 said the mysterious aspect of the whole situation is that most of the deaths recorded are young energetic youth who showed no sign of illness.

"Just recently we saw a private developer destroying the community's cemetery and a sacred place which has lasted for over four hundred years; this is a place where our Chiefs perform annual rituals for the welfare of the town but has been destroyed now.

"We the youth in the community strongly believe that the destruction of these two sites have angered our ancestors, causing these deaths," a resident, Kofi Boateng said.

A private developer on July 6, 2023 while trying to create a way to her house destroyed part of Emena Cemetery.

The developer marched trucks to the site, claiming to have obtained a court order to work on the land.

As a result of this development, some bodies were exhumed, raising an alarm among residents.

The police in the area are investigating the matter.

After exactly one month of the incident, the chiefs in the area are yet to perform rituals at the site to pacify the gods.

Youth in the area are suspecting that failure on the part of chiefs to do the rituals is the cause of deaths in the community.

They have thus called on the chief to act swiftly to avoid more deaths.

Ban on burials
Following the incident, residents are finding it difficult to bury their deceased forcing them to keep their dead relatives in the morgue.

Meanwhile, the Assembly member of the area Hon Kenneth Owusu Bediako said there can be no burial in the community until elders perform the rituals.

He added that the matter has been referred to the Manhyia Palace for an amicable solution.

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