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UMAT students benefit from KOD's donation to NUGS Illumination Project

By Eric Murphy Asare || Contributor
UMAT students benefit from KOD's donation to NUGS Illumination Project

Kyeremeh Oppong Daniel (KOD), a presidential hopeful for the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS), has made a generous donation to the local NUGS of the University of Mines and Technology (Umat).

The donation, which is worth thousands of cedis, was made to help curb criminal activities on the Umat satellite campus due to poor illumination.

KOD presented the street light to Nana Sarfo, the local NUGS president, and Rashid Kwaku Duah, the Director of Communications of Umat.

The donation is part of KOD's projects and promises to address students’ welfare challenges and make NUGS tangible on every campus under NUGS.

The donation has been received with gratitude by the Umat community, and it marks the beginning of KOD's commitment to students' welfare as he promised in his campaign.

Kyeremeh Oppong Daniel's donation to the local NUGS of Umat according to Nana Sarfo Peter will undoubtedly make a significant impact on the student community.

It is an excellent example of how individuals can contribute to society and help make a positive change, he said.

According to KOD, the donation is part of his plans to help solve a lot of welfare issues on the various campus which he has started and promise to do more when given the nod.