The Agony Of MP Sam George For Opposing The Legalization Of Homosexuality In Ghana

Feature Article The Agony Of MP Sam George For Opposing The Legalization Of Homosexuality In Ghana

The US government policy on Africa has always been harsh, therefore; every American president, including Barack Obama, has maintained the same severe attitude toward the Black continent. One of the challenges is the pressure being put on many African countries for legalization of homosexuality and those who put up resistance to stop it, instantly become the enemy of the US government. One of them is Hon. Sam George, a Ghanaian politician and MP representing the Ningo-Prampram constituency.

The lead campaigner against the legalization of homosexuality in Ghana, Sam George, has made the allegations that his efforts for the passage of the promotion of proper human sexual rights and the Ghanaian family values bill 2021 have come at a huge cost to him even before the bill is passed into law. According to him, he has been blacklisted and falsely accused of money laundering, therefore; he finds it even difficult even to change a dollar outside Ghana.


Hon. Sam George, a member of parliament for the Ningo-Prampram constituency, has been falsely accused of money laundering, as a result of his opposition to the legalization of homosexuality in Ghana.

Many people won't grasp what Mr. George meant, but if they've ever crossed paths with the US government, they will understand what the MP is going through. Only if you play the fool and submit to all the immoral acts they have labeled as Human Rights, you’ll be able to appreciate America as paradise and a beautiful haven of bliss, but woe unto you if you are not interested in what they want you to do. I have been there before; the US government cannot refute what they did to me, after exposing them about the government's invention of man-made diseases in Africa.

We are neither children nor fools to know that the US government is to blame for the false accusation that is affecting the private life of the Ghanaian politician, even though Sam George didn't name any specific individuals or accuse any nation specifically. Fidel Castro, the late leader of Cuba, is the ideal individual to explain to everyone what it means to say “no” to America. Since he rejected democracy, he survived 638 assassination attempts on his life, before passing away naturally at the age of 90.

African leaders are required to act as though they are not aware of US atrocities committed on African soil while remaining silent about them due to the same fear of potential assassination, the denial of US visa applications, and the imposition of sanctions on Africa. For resisting the severe policies that affect the Black Continent, historical African leaders like Kwame Nkrumah, Julius Nyerere, and Patrice Lumumba, all had to endure the harsh dictatorship of the US administration. Therefore, we mustn't ignore Sam George's struggles.

The US government shouldn't use the financial help it provides to African countries as an opportunity to force those countries to undertake things they are not interested in, but why does it still impose its will on African leaders? The answer is simple because those who feed you prescribe to you what to do and since African leaders go begging for food, medical, and financial aid in developed countries, nations like the United States of America will always tell them what to do, including the legalization of homosexuality.

In the United States of America, a lot of people have little interest in the LGBTQ+ issue, which refers to lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, and queer activities. Many people even avoid renting apartments to LGTBQ+ individuals and because of that the government which views this as discrimination do declare war on them. That means the government has more problems to deal with in America; they should, therefore, first address their issues before coming to Africa.

Sam George and other individuals who oppose the legalization of LGBTQIA activities in Africa should no longer be targeted by the US government since every African nation has the right to respect and protect its cultural and historical values. The US government should be aware of the fact that Ghana will not legalize homosexuality on its soil and that no amount of money can be used to lure people into selling their souls to the devil. This is all we are saying to them loudly and clearly.