What Mother Ghana needs is an NDC that fights for ordinary people

Feature Article What Mother Ghana needs is an NDC that fights for ordinary people

Now that our bankrupted country sits atop a ticking social-time-bomb, what Mother Ghana desperately needs now, is a National Democratic Congress (NDC) that fights for ordinary people. Full stop. Case closed. Hmmm, ey3nsem piiii, oooo, Ghanafuor.

In that light, it is vital that instead of seeing the latest shenanigans in Parliament, as an egregious-betrayal, and an unpardonable-abomination, it would rather help focus minds more sharply, if those who regard the National NDC, as a mass party inspired by Fl. Lt. J. J. Rawlings (as a vehicle to fight for Mother Ghana's best interests and ensure the welfare and well-being of ordinary Ghanaians), saw the astonishing results of the latest ministerial appointment vetting confirmation vote-casting, in Parliament, differently, and in creative fashion. Simple. Cool.

They must see what has happened in Parliament, as a fresh-start-opportunity for the NDC - to enable it give more brilliant young-achiever-types (in the mould of the Francis Xavvier Sosus and Zenator Agyeman-Rawlings), across Ghana, the opportunity to help repurpose the NDC: from being a party of gravy-train-fatcats, to one that rather seeks the national interest at all material times (which is whatever is in the best interests of ordinary people at any given point in time in our history), oooo, Ghanafuor. Yoooooooo...

Feeling let down, and disappointed, by the treachery of those NDC MPs who voted with New Patriotic Party (NPP), parliamentarians, to approve the President's latest ministerial nominees, won't help the masses, koraaa, oooo, Ghanafuor. No. No. No.

What Mother Ghana needs, now that our country sits atop a ticking social-time-bomb, is an NDC that fights for the well-being of the masses - not one that when push comes to shove, constantly roots for the fatcats gang-raping Mother Ghana so brutally, ooooo, Ghanafuor. Enough is enough. Yoooooooo...