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20.01.2007 General News

'Nigerian Girls Dress Better'

By punch
'Nigerian Girls Dress Better'
LISTEN JAN 20, 2007

A Nigerian fashion designer, Chito Mark, popularly known as Grace's Hat, has said Nigerian girls are better compared with Ghanaian girls when it comes to dressing almost nude or when it comes to skimpy dressing. She said Ghanaian girls are not ashamed of themselves.She told the Punch newspaper in Nigeria that a Nigerian girl in scanty wear will feel she has done something bad when you look at her but with a Ghanaian girl, there is no feeling of remorse, they rather feel cool.

The popular fashion designer Chito Mark said, she had the shock of her life when she recently visited Ghana. She said girls including some big ladies too had exposed parts of the body that should be covered. She was disappointed that girls including some women in Ghana who should know better, were almost dressing naked and it looks like they forgot their pants and bras.

She called on older Ghanaian women to teach the younger ones that skimpy and nude dressing are not the way of fashion.