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25.12.2006 Press Release

A Christmas Message From The Chair - AC2010

By Achimota School Capital Campaign (AC2010)
A Christmas Message From The Chair - AC2010
LISTEN DEC 25, 2006

Dear Akoras and friends,

The holiday season is upon us, and the New Year in sight. I thought now
would be an appropriate time to briefly review the state of the Achimota
School Capital Campaign.

When we embarked upon this ambitious project to restore Achimota School, we
did so with a certain degree of trepidation. We were naturally somewhat
uncertain if we would be able to sustain the work in the longer term, given
our own lives and careers to attend to. Yet I say without reservation that
all of our volunteer-commissioners have really exceeded anything that could
have been asked of them. Whether it is articulating the need to restore the
school, the creation of a website, the development of detailed financial
projections, the setting up of payment facilities, or the ongoing monitoring
of funds received, the Achimota Commission volunteers have done what is
nothing less than astonishing.

I sometimes think I have the easiest job of all, which is to manage the
team, so to speak. For as any sports coach will tell you it is the quality
of the players, both in terms of skill and temperament that makes the team
function seamlessly. So it has been with the AC2010 commissioners. Their
skills and dedication honor Achimota.

I am however mindful that regardless of the efforts of this dedicated group
this campaign will only succeed through the generosity and selflessness that
so many of you have shown. To you, I say Thank You.

Achimota gave us many things, some good and perhaps some a little more,
well, dubious, but none of us can doubt the bonds of friendship that it
fostered. We simply share a common experience.

Our start to this campaign was not without controversy, yet as we approach
the end of the year we can say with pride that we, you and I, raised more
money in a shorter period of time than any group in Achimota's history. What
is more we achieved this through the collaborative efforts of so many of
you; year groups, friends of the school, Akoras and others. For this we can
all rightly be very proud.

Our efforts do not end here of course and I do hope that you will consider
contributing to the effort too if you have not already done so. For it is
your $100, $500, $1000, or whatever your budget will allow, that will make
the difference.

Please do visit us at http://www.ac2010.organd join the campaign.

In the mean time, I do wish you and your families a most joyous and restful
Christmas and look forward to ever greater things in the New Year for all of
us and Achimota School.

Best wishes


Akora Kingsley Orraca-Tetteh
Chair, Achimota School Capital Campaign
December 2006