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VIDEO: Most men from the Ewe tribe are not 'responsible' — Nana Ampofo

VIDEO: Most men from the Ewe tribe are not 'responsible' — Nana Ampofo
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The host of mid-morning show, 'Ay3 Hu' on Accra-based Hot 93.9 FM, Nana Ampofo has alleged that most men from the Ewe tribe are not responsible.

According to the host, most of the women that bring lifestyle and family-related issues to his program are mostly the wives of Ewe men for not taking care of them.

In a self-driven interview with a lady on the program, Nana Ampofo asked the victim of an alleged case the name of her accused person and the lady mentioned her man, Cudjoe.

The host lamented why the tribe names kept appearing on his lifestyle radio show.

''Most of the cases that come to my show are mostly as a result of Ewe men failing to perform their daily duties as men'," he stated.

He again elaborated that even though Ewe men are not the only tribe that had such allegations, their cases on the Accra-based radio station are becoming rampant.

Nana Ampofo, sounding extremely disdained, appealed to the elders of the said tribe to admonish their men to be responsible in order to curb the rampant reportage of their men failing to perform their family duties.

Ay3 Hu is a mid-morning show that comes up every Monday- Friday from 9 AM -12 PM on Hot 93.9 FM.

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