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10.11.2006 NDC News

The umbrella's battle for candidate... NDC`s TEIN root for Mahama Iddrisu

By chronicle
The umbrella's battle for candidate...  NDC`s TEIN root for Mahama Iddrisu
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AS THE National Democratic Congress (NDC) goes to its congress on December 16, this year, to choose its presidential candidate from among four contestants, the Tertiary Education Institution Network (TEIN) of the party, has thrown its support behind one of the candidates.

The fortunate one, whose political maturity, soberness and consistent plans to re-oil the party structures towards 2008 general election according to concerned TEIN members, is Alhaji Mahama Iddrisu, former Minister of Defence in the reign of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

According to the concerned TEIN Members, their assessment of all the aspirants revealed that Alhaji Mahama, who does not belong to any antagonistic camp, was not only a compromise candidate but matured, sober and reconciliatory person.

“He is a matured, sober and reconciliatory personality who has made it as one of his major objectives to try to bring the so many splinter groups in the NDC together including the groups which have decided to form their own political parties.”

A statement signed by the Spokesperson of the TEIN, Mr. Eric Dagadu, contended that since the ex-Minister has what it takes to bring all the factions together, it would be wise for the delegates to make no mistake by choosing him if the party indeed wanted to go to the Castle after 2008, stressing, “It is popularly said that a house divided against itself can never stand.”

The Concern TEIN members from all the tertiary institutions in the nation said, “We believe that his leadership of the NDC will see all members of the party coming together to work towards victory in election 2008.”

According to them, the background politics of the presidential hopeful as a strategist, who is seen to draw more votes from all the political divides in the nation, said “We believe that the NDC needs more votes from all other political party supporters and floating voters to convincingly win election 2008.”

“He is reputed for his guiding and moderating nature who is believed, to be part of the team who moderated the excesses of a military government to the current multi-party democracy we are enjoying in the country.

“It is therefore against this background that we believe other party supporters will feel at ease with him as President,” they noted and urged the NDC delegates who would congregate at the venue yet to be decided and especially those who want to see the brighter future of the NDC, to cast their votes in the direction that would propel the fortunes of the party further.

Buttressing their argument on why Alhaji Iddrisu was the best, the statement said, the aspirant has been able to identify the most difficult problem that is facing the party, which they underscored, was a contributory factor for the defeat of the NDC in 2004 elections.

“He is the only candidate who has publicly come out to say that he will try to mobilize resources to help revitalize the party to enable the structures function well.

“This is a vital problem that faces the party and so the fact it has been identified is a milestone for the way forward for the NDC. It is clear that the party structures did not function at all during the 2004 elections because of the unavailable of logistics and resources.”

Alhaji Mahama is one of the aspirants who has been commended for the way and the manner he was conducting his campaign.

The aspirant, who is returning from the North this weekend, would keep in touch with delegates in Greater Accra, according to our reports.