22.11.2022 Feature Article

Kevin McCarthy Is Playing It Cheap and Trumpian

Kevin McCarthy Is Playing It Cheap and Trumpian
22.11.2022 LISTEN

The intemperate, nevertheless, characteristic threat and vow by Republican Congressional Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to remove some of his Democratic Party opponents from certain politically significant committees in the House, as it were, in the highly likely event of him being voted Speaker in January 2023, is one that eerily smacks of the kind of hypocrisy that most Americans would rather not associate with a would-be Third-Most-Powerful Politician in the United States of America (See “Omar Fires Back after McCarthy Vows to Remove Her from Committees” The Hill 11/21/22).

It is downright hypocritical and morally untenable, especially in the case of the Somali-born and Islam-confessing Democratic Representative from Minnesota, she is only one of three or four Democrats so venomously targeted, because the California Republican is pretty much guilty of many of the same “crimes” that he accuses some of his Democratic congressional opponents of, including Mr. McCarthy’s staunch and, some would even say, morbidly blind support of the treasonable activities of former President Donald John Trump who, not very long ago, threw his quite considerable political heft and moral support behind some White-Supremacist Skinheads who demonstrated in the State of Virginia chanting such anti-Semitic slurs and vitriol as “Jews Will Not Replace Us!”

The latter chant, of course, was a thinly veiled signal for a genocidal assault on American citizens of Jewish descent. Would-be Speaker McCarthy, who is still struggling to secure an overwhelming support for his congressional leadership, has also been demonstrably lukewarm and strategically ambivalent in his attitude towards the congressional investigation into the Trump-instigated bloody assault on the United States Capitol, or Congress, of January 6, 2021, in the wake of the then-Sitting President’s decisive loss of the 2020 Presidential Election to then-former Vice-President Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. In the 2020 Presidential Election, Mr. Trump lost the mandate of the American electorate by a humongous 7-million-plus votes. It was the putatively rambunctious New York-born real-estate mogul’s historically unprecedented refusal to concede defeat that resulted in the needless deaths of at least 5 congressional police officers and hundreds of injured assault victims.

Mr. McCarthy flatly and flagrantly refused to recommend any Republican congressional members to the Speaker Nancy Pelosi-established January 6 Investigation Panel. This is obviously not the attitude and the mindset of democratically elected leader who really loves America’s globally envied democratic political culture. The Bernie Thompson co-chaired investigative committee was established to look into the possibility of the criminal culpability or the lack thereof of Mr. Trump, who had unsuccessfully prevailed on his Vice-President, Mr. Michael “Mike” Pence, from the State of Indiana, to prevent a legitimately elected Vice-President Biden from promptly and lawfully acceding to the Presidency.

In short, if any congressional representative or mainstream politician could be aptly accused of being anti-American and a criminally minded nation-wrecker, Mr. McCarthy, far more than Ms. Ilhan Omar, eerily and strikingly fits such picture frame. But I guess Mr. McCarthy feels self-assured in the facile and cavalier and devious use of his white racial and ethnic identity to maliciously project his own primal prejudices on Ms. Omar who, at the very worst, could only be aptly described as “mildly misguided” in some of her decidedly diplomatically intemperate and visceral tirades against America’s policy towards the Jewish State of Israel and the latter’s long-running battles and hostilities with Palestinian Arabs in the Israeli-occupied territories of the West Bank and elsewhere.

Now, the glaring and inescapable fact of the matter is that blindly and fanatically throwing his full weight behind the egregious and treasonable political shenanigans of former President Trump, who, Mr. Biden, in the heated runup to the November midterm elections accurately and authoritatively described as both a Neo-Fascist and a Neo-Nazi, makes Kevin McCarthy seem to be far more dangerous to the survival and stability of American Democracy, both in the short- and the long-term, than could be aptly or legitimately said of the Islam-confessing, Somali-born Minnesota Democrat. But here also, I guess the Africanity of Representative Omar makes the latter preemptively and peremptorily guilty by the very fact of her geo-ethnic identity.

But, of course, we are also pretty much aware of the fact that the very essence and foundations of our Modern, Postcolonial American Empire are inextricably interlinked with the bloody-sweat and toil of Continental Africans in ways that cannot be said of any other nonindigenous group in These United States of America. One also does not suppose that cheaply pandering to the primal fears of the members of the Global Jewish Community, by cheaply and luridly scapegoating Ms. Omar as some sort of a mythological “Bête Noir” could have gone totally unnoticed or been completely lost on a putatively shrewd and discerning perennially Aryan-savaged global Semitic community. In other words, the proverbial joke may be on a megalomaniacally desperate Speaker-Wannabe McCarthy than the peevishly and cynically calculating character assassin would have the rest of us and the strategically targeted Global Jewish Community believe.

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By Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., PhD

English Department, SUNY-Nassau

Garden City, New York

E-mail: [email protected]