Is The Gambia Government Encouraging Oppression and Religious Bigotry In Jihnack and to Where Else?

Feature Article Is The Gambia Government Encouraging Oppression and Religious Bigotry In Jihnack and to Where Else?
NOV 2, 2022 LISTEN

The Village head, the Village Development Committee (VDC), Some people of Jihnack have literally given President Adama Barrow a big international test, including religious Tolerance. They are trying to set dangerous precedent, and I am not talking about the Cannabis they are widely known for. The laws of a country may give a president the right to declare someone Persona Non Grata, but can a Village head have the powers that mayors do not have, or a VDC is higher than councillors? The Village head of Kajatta and some of their VDC members told me over 'ninety percent' of the people of Jihnack, including those in the Diaspora, have agreed I should be kicked out of Jihnack and they are giving me only 'twenty days'. One of them said, they usually tie unwanted 'foreigners' and kick them out, but they are being nice to me... They accused me of two 'crimes', 1. Telling the World Jihnack cultivates Cannabis, and that could lead to being raided or denied funding . 2. That I want to build a church in Jihnack and they do not want a church there. In a nutshell, I committed no crime , but 'want' means 'should ' to them and since they kicked out others before, they think I will comply without a fight or the Gambia government they fear will fear to intervene? The International community will be indifferent? Allah or God will be indifferent or side with cowards and bigots?

As a widely known marijuana Activist, I have called for a protest in Canada before they legalised cannabis; co-organized a cannabis event in the Gambia, and wanted to organise one in Jihnack. The article is on the Internet and was slated to happen October 2, 2022. It failed to happen due to many factors, not worthy of discussing here. On October 03, 2022 , they called me for a meeting and expressed their dissatisfaction on the mentioned two 'crimes', especially the Church factor. I explained to them that I am a Muslim and prayed with them many times, that what I wrote is having a Mosque-Church Service on that Sunday, so that Christians cannot say church over freedom event? They said I am seeding the idea and someone may sponsor a church and they hate to see it in Jihnack. If the Gambia government allows them to punish me over misinterpreted church service suggestion, then they may kick out or seriously hurt someone who tries to build a church there.

Regarding the Cannabis, they admit they have been growing it for decades and it is an open secret within SeneGambia, 'but none of them ever wrote on the Internet about it or The Gambia should legalize it in the Island or nationwide'? So to tame their fears and worries, I promised them that I will desist naming Jihnack on my Cannabis activism. That was good enough on our October 3, meeting, that they will leave me in peace, but on our October 31 meeting, they said another general meeting was held and the people demand I should be kicked out of the village. One of them claimed over 90% of the people want me out, and the other claim 100% of the people. These are Alkali and VDC claims that may or may not be true to warrant denying Jihnackans entry to Villages, towns, and countries they were not born or not wanted? Or let the courts demand an oath of position, from every Jihnackan, then and now about me, the people they tie and expelled over what, the church issue, etc.

It is paramount for The IGP or someone in authority to immediately summon the Alkali (Village head) and all VDC for a quick meeting. They should be strictly warned that if anything happens to me or other minorities, they will be held responsible. They failed on educating their masses and want to satisfy their unjust desires, regardless of how it disrespects Gambian laws and God's laws? We can either negotiate out of court or go to Court. If such a law exists, then we must change the law, because even non Gambian Citizens should not be at the mercy of 'wants' of villagers, Village head, or VDC. The Mayor of Vancouver does not have the right to kick me out of that City because I want to build a Mosque, so to indirectly tell Gambian Christians they can be kicked out of Jihnack or other villages for suggesting or trying to build a church is against the law of conscience, the Koran, and even the Gambian laws, to the best of my knowledge.

On our October 3 meeting, I clearly told them that I have no intention of building a church in Jihnack or anywhere, except If I were to be the Imam and Pastor. I also reminded them ch. 55 of the Koran said 'And the Earth we have spread for creatures with spirits ', to be careful of oppressing Christians or anyone. I even told them we used to pray our Friday prayers in a church in New York city, they tolerated us. I told them there are Bigots in the west who are extremely intolerant of Muslims and want no Mosques in their places, but the best of westerners think otherwise. Although the Gambian People are widely known for religious Tolerance, we evidently have bigots and how the Gambia government deal with such is the test at hand? Will the bigots be confronted, begged, or encouraged? They can claim a small minority of Christians were/are peacefully living in Jihnack, but that won't change the fact that they are trying to kick me out over 'church suggestion' and will likely do similar to other Christians who dare try...

It is Vital for the Christian Community in the Gambia and every concern citizen to urge the government to set an example or they are giving a dangerous green light to other villages that may not want a church or xyz. Not wanting a church, Mosque, synagogue, etc is one thing, but wanting to punish people over such is simply wrong. It becomes worshipping desires, intolerance, encouraging conflict, etc. Just like I expect good Christians to oppose oppressing Muslims, I am confident that I am not the only Gambian Muslim who opposes oppressing Christians who have not attacked us. The Koran clearly told us to live peacefully with even disbelievers who do not fight us. Christians happen to be the closest to Muslims, so if we cannot tolerate them then who can we tolerate? The sad reality is some Muslims cannot tolerate other Muslims, beyond Shiite and Sunni. The human mind will likely have differences, but ch.103 is the jewel that told us 'to exhort each other to Truth and patience '. So you may express where you deem they are wrong, but have patience, patience, and patience beyond differences in faith... I will also urge the Christian community to buy body Cameras for the Christians in Jihnack and any where they are expected to respect even unjust wants/laws...

Few months ago, the people of Jihnack expelled some Senegalese Mourides (a sect) they claim were singing religious songs at night and disturbing people. Every decent Conscience will condemned disturbing others, especially when God says he hears whispers and urge us to respect others' due. The honest reality is did they warn them or just another religious intolerance of foreigners? If some Tijannees (religious group) from The Gambia went to a predominantly Mouride Village in Senegal, should the locals determine what crimes are and which ones warrant expulsion without notice , warning, or report to higher authorities for study purpose? This is another case the IGP should investigate, there are villagers and civil servants who can bear witness to the event.

The problem of Tribalism is widely accepted as a problem . Similarly is Racism and nationalism. Some are even much worse, their nepotism is at 'familirism' and 'Villagirism' . About 80% of Jihnackans are blood family related, Mandinkos, but will they take an oath and lie against a 'foreigner' for family protection over truth? One of them called me a 'foreigner' in English. Their mindset is you belong to only the Village or town you were born in, and thus a foreigner everywhere else and can be kicked out if majority wants it? The Term 'lungtango' In mandinko means stranger or guest, but the Lord of wisdom taught me something many born mandinkos may have never pondered on. The term also mean 'ten dayser', meaning a guest should ideally be about ten days, and calling a 'stranger' or relocator of months or years a 'ten dayser' without rights is for the liars and cruel ones who ignore conscience and ch.49:13+

Mindset and Karma: Oppressing minorities is sadly justified in many African communities and perhaps why God allow some Africans to suffer as minorities in other communities? If the Jihnackans In the Diaspora truly support how Jihnackans maltreat 'strangers', then I pray God punish them some how until they repent. People in Jihnack should humbly think or learn from my type, but those in the Diaspora should know lot better or starting at least a spiritual war. I called on the God of the Gambia and beyond, not just the government of the Gambia, to curse every Jihnackan or xyz who wants me out or to suffer. The Land was not created for just those born in it, just like Banjul and New York can be for foreigners. While some of you are praying to get out of Jihnack for money, some are praying to get inside Jihnack for money or much bigger than money. God can give happiness to 'strangers' above Jihnackans inside Jihnack, bless them to help Jihnackans than born Jihnackans, bless them to take the name of Jihnack where Jihnackans cannot... Such is the earthly example, but when we die, God has a recording of the hearts or minds. He had inspired me to face the u.s, the most powerful country on earth to stop oppressing minorities over marijuana, inspired me to call for an event in Jihnack to test our character, not just money giving as measurement of success... This very article will bless some beyond knowledge and curse the rejecters of truth, but who will humbly learn or repent? People outside Jihnack may learn and the glory be to God than even me the writer. Some Jihnackans may repent and be possibly blessed, but may God curse the defiant ones...

I respected my October 03 pledge, but your reversal warrants my reversal. This is indeed the article that may financially harm many Jihnackans than the one you overreacted to, especially if you choose denial and lies. You have literally forced the Gambia government to act or which countries will react in what ways? Which Embassies may say if 100% of Jihnackans agree to kick out a fellow Gambian over one day church service , then we should reject all Jihnackans visa, deport their citizens, be mean to them, or all Gambians over how our government may react? You argued UN and others denied you funding over marijuana, but Canada may wonder about your religious intolerance than the marijuana they now legalised and looking for tourist destination they can enjoy cannabis and Jihnack is now a questionable ideal place than Russia against the 'Griners'? How many bought land or were interested in Jihnack and wonder if Government will indifferently watch if problem arises? You cannot intimidate me.

If we do not quickly settle this with the executive branch of the Gambia government , I am certainly trying to settle it through the Gambian court of laws, public opinion court, and God's court. I am looking for good lawyers and asking my fans to suggest. They must pay me for inconvenience, lawyer fees, what I could have make, etc. Even if I win the earthly battle and you sweetly apologise or kill me, I am deferring to God and will not forgive the insincere repentant or defiant ones. May God bless us with Showlove Trinity: let's learn, let's work, let's have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo

An Activist and Transformer.

Optional note:

I will recommend the International community to closely watch how the Barrow Administration handles this case. Jihnack happens to be feared by the Gambia government over alleged jinns, but they have little idea how most Jihnackans also extremely fear the government . I do not fear neither Jihnackans, nor the so called jinns of Jihnack, I trust in the Lord of the universe, including Jihnack. As said, police avoid Jihnack, so they usually write note for the alkalo (Village head) for anyone wanted to voluntarily report to the Barra police. So they can call the Alkali and VDC to report quickly for a meeting or conflict may erupt. I can be reached on WhatsApp: 220 3787 999 for meeting, suggestions, lawyer, or xyz.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) suffered as minority or worshipping of what majority of a place wanted. If his so called followers cannot learn from history, conscience, or fellow humans; then only learning the hard way is left. We know the west is not perfect, but it puzzles me how can any African Muslim+ thinks they can arrogantly worship desires and claim they are Special above truth and justice? God have 'ears' for prayers, gossipers, and xyz, but also eyes for justice... When you read one thousand Korans for protection or earthly blessings, but disrespect vivid Verses of the Koran and the conscience God demands we raise in ch.91, then you are closer to hypocritical Muslims, troubling a believer or guilty on sins between creatures. Some hypocritical Christians or xyz numerously arrested one Abubacarr, A Gambian in Vancouver, over 'religion', and I called on the Gambia or xyz government to challenge the Canadian government regarding him. In the very Mosque I learned about him, I called Athan (called to prayer) with my natural voice and luckily no police arrested me. If churches are allowed to ring bells or changed ways to avoid hurting others, then I will not use a heavy loud speaker where personal alarms are available, but using a natural voice where cars sound systems are louder is not disrespecting authorities. Mosques in Vancouver fear or not allowed to call Athan? Where Muslims obeyed bad laws or orders, I stood up in a truly foreign country, so now I am tested in my own country and will stand for truth and beyond myself and my religious group.

My fans around the world should learn than pray for me. We should never allow certain level of injustices in the name of peace or tolerance. We should crowd fund to support certain cases and be ready to kill or even die, but oppressors to regret... my God protected me even from Yahya Jammeh, so I hope for his protection and even higher blessings through this. Or why God inspired me with how many powerful Verses to extend to millions and compare to the questionable Jihnackans who think they are better Muslims or want to see Islam higher than myself? Smartly buy or donate body cameras and even weapons for self defence. I am asking for gun licence, because some of them may be too angry and we must fight back, where need be. I happen to be vegetarian, not interested in killing even animals, but fighting back is never a crime. I hope and pray the Government act right and on time, then peace may triumph. I told them fear, greed, and arrogance are human enemies. They feared raid, but what happened? Now they said greed or funding cut off over Cannabis association, but now the escalation they trigger may cost them more? They want to arrogantly have their own desires as laws above country laws, arrogantly kick out people... Education may remedy ignorance, but the arrogant may need lot more than normal education.

Optional note 2.

Although I am obligated to write the facts, including their claims, I have a moral duty to state what I honestly believe. They claimed 90 to 100 percent of the village are behind their decision against me, I think they are referring to head of households. I think most of the youths of Jihnack like me and will not support such a decision against many folks, especially me. Yes, people can give you false smiles, but God knows best and I stand by my imprecations and call on my worldwide fans and the angels to imprecate against Bigots in and beyond Jihnack. Like most African Communities, Jihnackan youths are expected not to even voice their opinions in such, in the name of respect. My advice to Jihnackan youths, African youths, and beyond is to directly read the Koran and understand the importance of upholding truth even against your family, including parents, or you may suffer. This is in the Koran and also ch. 103 does not exclude parents or political leaders on ' exhorting each other to Truth and patience '. The term 'each other' is vital, God put you with your parents/leaders on earth to help them beyond Money... whether or not they humbly learn is up to them , but speak up and have patience where need be. You will even find Verses that state the evil ones 'sided with their relatives or desires', and it is essentially referring to such situations, some dismiss truth and side with relatives, desires, or earthly interest against others...

You can publicly write on social media+ your thoughts, without trying to appease me or the west for visa or xyz. I know some of you are with me 100%; while some may not like my writing on cannabis and Jihnack, but disagree with such punishment or expulsions. Remember! God can read your inner thoughts, and I have always told you truth matters and God is lot involved in this world than many think. Beside me, I understand some Jihnackans where actually against the expulsions of the Senegalese over religious songs. Just like Jihnackans may take things into their hands, some people may go beyond imprecations and start teaching Jihnackans hard lessons. Some may deny you rental, employment, contracts, etc, blame your parents and the Gambia government, not me. My recommendation will be to make you take an oath or check your public writings before any denials, or you may deny good Jihnackans. The cowards think associating Jihnack with cannabis hurt jihnack, but verifiable religious Bigotry of Jihnack stand to hurt you lot more, especially in the sight of the Lord. You may claim you are doing it for Allah, but it is against the orders of Allah and you may get nasty surprises if you side with questionable parents. Verses like 'they found their parents in deep sin and followed in their footsteps ' mean lot more than idol worshipping. Following your parents on lies and cruelties is dangerous, be it tribalism , religious Bigotry, racism, etc will harm you. They may have indoctrinated you Jihnack or Africa is special or different, that Village head or villagers have the right to worship their desires over truth and justice, but the universal God gave you mind to reject such and to possibly help them change. Even king David (pbuh) was a highly blessed prophet, but ch.38 warned him 'not to follow his desires and to judge justly. ' These are not mere narrations of the past, as entertainment, but for us to possibly learn from them.

Even if I win this case, there are opportunities I may no longer risk to give to Jihnackans and imagine foreigners with minds? Depending on how Jihnackans repent and how government react, which foreigner will invest in a place where even citizens can be expelled unjustly and government fear to react or give excuses? Your questionable parents and their ways are denying you opportunities, directly and indirectly. Even God may block people who may want to help you, unless you change... Your opportunity or responsibility to exhort each other to Truth and patience must be carried out, or you will be counted among the lost.

I tried to protect Jihnackans against the authorities and they see it as 'disrespect' ? In my festival article, I wrote I will talk to the local authorities and the government out of respect... Many of VDC think I should have talked to the locals first, but imagine how will that proceed. If Jihnackans give me the green light, I cannot lie to the government and they may accuse Jihnackans want to do the legal call for legalisation, not just the illegal act of growing cannabis? If Jihnackans said no, then the Gambia government will be emboldened to say no or choose to say you have the right to have festival anywhere and your freedom of speech is protected. Then the Jihnackans will change or fight against me? The reason of talking to the authorities is primarily due to security and secondarily due to respect. Public gathering demands public control, and government is best on such. As the Island grows, government must get involved or should we start now with a special police station and have me as officer in command? I sure do not fear Jihnackans on policing sins between creatures and if I truly believed cannabis is bad and punishable by man in the sight of Allah, then I am capable of arresting guilty Jihnackans...

The Koran in ch. 2 tells us: 'persecution is worse than killing...' and in ch.85 : 'Those who persecute believing men and believing women, and don't repent, for such is hell... And they were witnesses to what they did to the believers....' These words are for learning purpose and we may define persecution differently, but making life hard for others because they were not born in the village or country may include it or not far from it. "Witness' to their wrongs or even bragging about it : 'We tie and kick them out'? Some persecution can be confronted by government but wrongs like refusing my type access to their vehicles, boats, bikes, shops, etc can be legal and God will charge on other grounds ? Or bless me not to need their services. A so called Muslim may play with such Verses or think Allah will reward them for 'expelling me' or Christians; or will Allah punish them even on earth?

Activism and Transformer: I suspect two great or 'Satanic' Verses of the Koran immensely contributed to my activism and desires to transform beyond my country. A verse in ch. 55 says: 'Can the Reward of good be anything but good'? And another verse in ch.99. Says, 'who so ever does an atom's weight of good, will see...' So when even problematic events like this occur, I see it as opportunity to rise in the world of God and help others rise, if they utilize the opportunity. Writing the facts may contain many atom's weight, but if I make extra effort to transform the minds of good journalists and/or lawmakers in Ghana, Nigeria, the Gambia, or xyz to make better laws, then I expect greater reward than religious bigots, who may sincerely repent and I may get some points there too? It is not enough for journalists to publish or sympathise with me, I want you to confront your Interior ministers and xyz authorities. Tell them something like this may be going on in other villages in the Gambia, Ghana, Morocco, and others; so let the minister or IGP announce Village heads and VDCs do not have the power to expell people based on mere wants . Since Africans or humans are good at creating excuses to warrant possible need for expulsion, let there be a law that demands all expulsions should be reported with details to xyz Number, email, etc. And also to tell the public , if they see what they deem wrong expulsion, they should report it and will be protected...Which journalists, activists, NGOs, Human rights organisations will push for worldwide laws on such? It was me, you, Salman Rushdie, and how many people saw the 'Satanic verses' of American laws that claim cannabis has no medicinal value, we saw how they maltreated users, while Jihnackans spared; so the Koranic Verses say if I contribute to over one billion atom's weight to better laws in u.s, Allah will pay, even if I was not born in u.s? Now God says or whispered, will you like to help your fellow Gambians be freed and enjoy like Jihnackans and Canadians? I thought Jihnackans will bravely help me or help themselves beyond Cannabis legalisation? Well, some Jihnackans may share this article and may God bless them and pay them well, with bonuses...

If A guilty 'Jihnackan' who thinks Gambians born outside Jihnack can be maltreated in Jihnack, and happens to be maltreated in Libya or Morocco, then Youssou Ndure or xyz may rightly or hypocritically speak up without knowing proportionally multiplied Karma exists even against certain mindsets or words that may hurt innocent people. Now that Senegalese may have been victims in Jihnack, I demand Youssou Ndure and others to not just pressure the Gambia government to investigate, but for the Senegalese government to make laws that will protect Gambians+ in similar village mindsets in Senegal. I expect Youssou Ndure and xyz to donate body cameras and urge for culture of cameras worldwide. Then even if our African migrants transmit half the abuses before they got seized, the good Libyans and others with body cameras will give details and will they be protected, including changing countries where need be? An Arab Coming to Jihnack may mean no right or enough rights after this conflict?

Jihnack is very rich naturally, but very poor financially. The Gambia government neglected them or do not have enough taxes and aid to help them.. The health Centre and School were built by western Charitable organisations and perhaps by mainly Christian donors. Imagine how some donors will feel or will it affect raising donations, especially if they choose fight and more court exposures? You have hurt yourselves and may not choose the needed Repentance for possible forgiveness and turning the needed page... You have great prospects for Tourism, but how the case is handled may hurt more than the truth in this article. One of the VDC members said 'they depend on outsiders to possibly get out of poverty and suffering ', but the route they took against me may reduce such prospects. Another Christian association called CRC reportedly gave them mosquito nets... Their families who went to Europe+ through Christian+ tourists and live in lands where freedom of speech is not based on which village you were born are said to be with the villagers' decision? God give you conscience, you hardly used it; then God brought the Koran and you ignore the tolerant Verses? Colonisation and independence came and you disrespect even good Gambian laws, and against your fellow Gambians? You experienced good gestures from Christians and want to deny them even what God gave them ? When will you ever learn? My intention is not to hurt you or the Gambia, but we may go international opinion court and formal courts under God's watch. I may consider suing even the Gambia government, unless they act right.

Yes! My protection is largely with God, but he inspired me to involve humans and products where need be. So I am the informal lawyer looking for a team of licensed lawyers, because I do not want to give you even temporal victory over truth or myself. I am selling my Garden tractors to finance the counter offence and asking help from governments, charitable organisations, companies, individuals, etc who care about justice. Lawyer fees, licence for gun and gun cost, security personnel with at least body cameras for the next few months, more security cameras at my place in and beyond Jihnack, etc. Reach out through WhatsApp +220 3787 999 for the Garden tractors or other ways of helping.

With all my differences with some Jihnackans, I do not want the government to raid there over Cannabis, it can further destroy a record that is worth preserving. Cannabis will be legal worldwide very soon, Lord be willing. We can fight the guilty Jihnackans without fighting Jihnack or the good Jihnackans. We will confront where we can and ask God to curse the guilty ones and make us inherit the place and develop it with the good ones.

I am not claiming the Christian minority of Jihnack are in immediate danger, but we must admit a new reality has emerged in Jihnack and can escalate through petty talks or how government may handle my case... So out of precaution, I think prominent Gambian Christians should try to supply different types of solar cameras and body cameras to the about twenty Christians in Jihnack... Christians in the international world can directly deal with such Gambian Christians, a respectable journalist, CRC, or other NGOs who may care, ready to travel there, educate them, supply them in verifiable manner, etc. I actually recommend buying some of the cameras outside the Gambia rather than sending money to the mentioned potential intermediaries. Solar Cameras are available in the Gambia, but I do not know where to buy body Cameras here, let alone the differences on options... Christian civil servants, teachers in Jihnack, should also be considered on camera donations or loans...

God's curse be upon any marabout , lawyer, or xyz who tries to side with liars, bigots, or cruel ones in and beyond this case. We know God says some marabout or magic works may be allowed on respite, but that exactly means some will not work on some, and you must bravely fight liars who bank on such, and with the confidence that God will protect you 100%. Beside optimism, you should pray against them and God may act on your behalf even for their evil attempts and power of sins between creatures. Refer and defer to God where need be.

Our interpretation of certain Verses may differ and this is where ch.103 becomes helpful again.. I do not think Cannabis is forbidden or handy work of the devil. Their claim of 'intoxicant' is questionable and is cannabis detoxifying , at least from medical perspective? Will that make it an exception and demand medical marijuana should be legal worldwide? I interpret the 'patience' in Ch.103 to mean at least faith differences and 'personal sins'.... Places like the Gambia legalised alcohol, what is explicitly mentioned and claim what they insist is Implicitly included should be illegal against Christians, the sick, and other Gambians who do not share belief in the Koran or such interpretations? I wonder how the general public of countries like Ghana and other Christian leaning countries argue against cannabis and medical marijuana? Truth is so powerful, it can defeat the whole of humankind, so if any country think majority can oppress minority with lies and forever, please look How God is defeating Biden and cohorts in the u.s.... Consistency is vital and when we say majority should not oppress minority, we mean it in every sense of the statement. When we say Humans should focus on sins between creatures and have patience on so called personal sins, we equally mean it. Yes Tolerance exists for individuals and groups, for majority and minority, but truth is supreme and possible learning is the essence and purpose of Tolerance. May the best of all of it be upon me and my fans around the world.