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20.04.2005 Feature Article

We Will Not Move On

We Will Not Move On
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The Challenge to our democratic institutions Our country seems to be on the verge of another elections with the insults being heaped on our Christian leaders, our President and the intolerant language coming out of guys like Tony Aidoo and his cohorts. Maybe I am on a different planet, but was it not just 4 months ago that the good folks of Ghana decided to put their fate in the hands of the NPP? .

It comes as no surprise that members of PNDC/NDC who are more at home with “coup d'etats “ are shouting, screaming, insulting and bad mouthing anyone who challenges or criticize their approach to multi- party democracy. I wish to reiterate what Dan Botwe said: as night follows day the NPP will rule till its legitimate mandate runs out and the good people of Ghana rejects or accept them through “Kokromite Power”.

Under no circumstances can any Corporal /Sergeant/Warrant Officer take over our country. Ghanaians are not stupid neither is the NPP daft. If anyone has any funny ideas of seizing power through the gun, my advice is get your head seen to at Korle Bu. It will not happen. The only way that any one can gain power in contemporary Ghana is through the ballot box.

We will not forget

The PNDC/NDC era must be discussed Sinn Fein (IRA) cannot disassociate themselves from the activities of the IRA. The NDC is the PNDC. We must not let Boakye Djan. Baah Acheamfour/Jerry Rawlings/Chris Atim/P.V Obeng and other PNDC heroes fool us. They have change their tones and music because the rhythm has changed.

I can imagine Peter Benenson, the founder of Amnesty International turning in his grave at the sight of members of PNDC masquerading as democrats? We must not let the elites who supported and gave credence to a regime of torturers get away with it? During the PNDC/NDC era our torturers had muscles and plastic gloves others like Justice Annan of this world had expensive education, which enabled them to chip away at legal conventions paying no attention to simple humanitarian rules in the Geneva Convention.

The fourth estate the Press and other wordsmith of the time manipulated the news, radio and television to give credence e to a brutal regime. A regime that put to the stakes 3 former head of states, a regime that changed the body politic of our country. A regime that introduced the gun culture into our country- and still working hard to exploit prejudice against the ruling government and intent on causing mayhem

Sleep Manipulation

We must not suffer from “sleep manipulation”. Okay, Boakye Djan, Partington, Baah Acheamfour, Jerry et al can say that all the charges against them is old and we must move on as a nation. My reply to them is not an inch. Unless and until the PNDC/NDC shows remorse and enter the political arena totally disassociating themselves from the remnants of brute force and intrepid language – We will not let Ghanaians and our children forget the PNDC era. We cannot forget neither are we prepared to forget.

One of my favorites quotes is the saying f Milan Kundera “The struggle against power is the struggle against forgetting.” We must not forget the abusers of power who tormented Ghanaians and made our life hell for almost 15 years. W emus never forget the likes of Jack Bebli a psychopath who was created by the PNDC. We must not forget the political champions in office - the Ahwoi's. PV Obeng's Justice Annan's, Agyekum's Nanfuri 's who never messed up their own suit but kept quiet when nasty piece of hate filled psychopaths were brutalizing torturing and sodomising our women, men and young men like Mawuli

We will not forget neither would we allow our children and grandchildren to forget We will not suffer from sleep manipulation or the poison of complacency.

Genuine Repentance

To contradict myself, I would argue that Ghanaians are peace-loving people and would forgive the past if there was genuine repentance The NDC like the IRA will only be considered serious democrats when they rid themselves of the mantle of the PNDC. Ghanaians will give them a second chance only when they are sure that they have cut the umbilical cord that tied them and the thousands of militia and commandoes who did their dirty work on flesh with knives and wreaked havoc on our mothers, sisters, aunties and uncles

As of now I have not seen or heard anything that tells me that the PNDC/NDC bunch has changed. If anything the PNDC/NDC propaganda machine is still arrogant and non- repentant. Their message is: we were right and no one can think otherwise not even the majority of Ghanaians who put their crosses on the ballot box.

Once again the serial coup maker is going about preaching the same message that led to the overthrow of the democratically elected President Limman regime. Once again we have the spectacle of PNDC/NDC wearing the democratic mantle and preaching hatred, prejudice and laying the grounds for a divided nation.

As long as the PNDC/NDC hierarchy shows no signs of real repentance Ghanaians will not be allowed to bury the past and if someone says to me “My brother have you not moved on?” My response will be not a millimeter. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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