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Democrat Humbug

Democrat Humbug
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Democrat blames JAK for Suzzy's death

The Democrat reporting of the death of our beloved and heroine Suzy Williams has left me seething on the brink of bursting. Let me quote a few of the trash that appeared on the web:

q ”The incompetence of President Kufuor and the NPP government led to the lost of several precious lives”

q The six day strike by doctors nationwide was the result of the inability of the Kufuor government to pay doctors their ADHA

q The vehicle of Suzy was said to have somersaulted. It was at this juncture that the incompetence and insensitivity of President Kufuor and his fascist government came top play.

President Kufuor is no saint, neither is the NPP government a perfect family mix they have their bad apples and rotten tomatoes. That aside I am not sure where this “bin roll” of a newspaper gets its warped logic.

To blame President Kufuor for the deaths of Suzy Williams and other Ghanaian is at best nonsense at worst bunkum. Let us not kid ourselves – the blame lies squarely with the Ghana Medical Association. It is high time our country wakes up to the truth and say it as it is.

It was the GMA that withdrew its services; the GMA who by their actions brought the countries hospital to its knees the GMA that failed in its paramount duty to save lives. The GMA deserves its allowances but it has no moral right to withdraw it is services. Members must be ashamed of themselves- they may be a need for an opposing Association – nothing is sacrosanct.

Whilst the GMA must carry the can in the wider dispute in the case of Suzy Williams I wish to ask the gutter paper democrat-a few questions

Questions to National Gutter Newspaper

(1) Was President Kufuor the driver of the brand new Pajero?

(2) Is it President Kufuor who instructed Suzy Williams not to wear a seat belt?

(3) Was it President Kufuor who turned away Suzy Williams from the Military Hospital?

(4) Was it President Kufuor who pushed the car to be somersaulted?

The President has had enough of this arrant nonsense from the gutter press whose sole aim is to discredit, provoke, insult and demean.

They can try as much as they want but I have news for them – this President will never act like a typical African President. There are times when his patience has been tried to the limit but never once has he lost his calm and Christian principles.

By all means criticize him over affairs of state – by all means let us debate the substantive issues of running a country which includes Doctors salaries, cocoa farmers pensions, teachers wages, fishermen wages and tro-tro drivers salaries.

We are all Ghanaians and as the songwriter says “ Obia Nye Obia”

If the President cannot say it I am saying it on his behalf –

National Democrat Trash – Go to hell”. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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