This Is Why You Should Never Ask A White Woman Her Age Or Her Phone Number When You First Meet Her

Feature Article This Is Why You Should Never Ask A White Woman Her Age Or Her Phone Number When You First Meet Her
MAY 18, 2022 LISTEN

Many African men make a lot of mistakes when they meet a white woman they are interested in for the first time, in both Africa and Europe. I don’t blame them because they don’t know that there are certain questions they have to avoid and there are things they don’t have to say to a white woman, probably any woman.

While I am a very young student in Ghana, I do hear a lot of mature students saying, "I love this girl." Even though they have never entered into any relationship with those girls, they say every day, "Charle, I love this girl." I never knew how wrong they were to love someone they had never dated.

At school, I still remember a friend who wrote to her pen pal in one of these foreign countries. After several exchanges of correspondence, he wrote to the girl that he loved her. That was the end of their friendship because the girl wrote back asking him how he could love her when they hadn’t even met.


Sometimes, it can take longer than a year for a white woman interested in you to give you her hand.

Based on my friend's experience when I came to Europe, I never used the word "love" but rather "like" after knowing someone for some time, anyway, what is the significance of this article? Someone might be interested to know because many Africans still tell white women they love them the first time they meet.

A woman is a woman, whether black or white, but due to different cultures, traditions, and customs, the mentality of a white man or woman is different from that of an African. In Africa, we can join friends to eat without an invitation. In a white man’s country, it’s possible only by invitation.

A white woman knows that love is something that takes a certain period of time to happen after being in a relationship with a man. So, if an African tells a white woman I love you, they either think you are a fool or probably crazy. That’s when they throw you this question: how can you love me the first time we meet?

In a couple of days, weeks, or months, a white woman can get to know a person well enough to understand them. So, the first time you meet her, probably at a festival, please avoid asking for her telephone number. You can tell her that it’s great fun to meet her and ask her when you can see her again. If she is interested, it will be her task to solve that.

Avoid asking a white woman her age. Many hate that, and if they take it seriously, you might lose her as a friend. It’s nice to tell her what you do for a living and ask her to, but avoid asking certain questions such as how much she earns, if she can cook, and how she feels about children.

If you are an illegal immigrant or someone that is staying in a house for asylum seekers, avoid telling her your status the first time you meet her, or else she might think that you are an illegal immigrant and that you want her. If she is interested in you, she will like to get to know you more after meeting you for some time. That is when you can tell her the truth.

If you are an African and you meet a white woman for the first time, find an interesting conversation, to begin with. Never discuss issues related to politics and religion. Some white people are very religious. When you meet such a person, she will bring up that conversation.,

The minds of women are hard to read sometimes. That’s why men used to joke that when a woman says no, she means yes, and when she says yes, she means no. A white woman can show interest in you for a long time, but that doesn’t mean she loves you. Therefore, avoid making any attempt to kiss her. If you try, you can even get a slap across the face for that.

Some white women can invite you to their homes after knowing you for some time. She can ask you to pass the night there, some in the same bed, but she will warn you not to make any attempt to sleep with her. If she says so, you have to respect her wish and avoid it because a rape case is a serious crime.

When writing, if necessary to share my experience, I will do that without hesitation. This happened before I married 29 years ago. Sleeping with a white girl on the same bed has happened to me twice in my life in two different European countries. They warned me not to touch them, and I obeyed. In the morning, we had a shower but nothing took place.

Even though it’s the most difficult thing a man can go through physically and psychologically, you have to get the willpower to pass through. While the girl is fast asleep, you'll be gazing at the ceiling till morning. You can never have a good sleep. Pray, this should never happen to you, it's mental torture.

I don’t know why women often subject a man to such psychological pain, but it seems they want to find out if you are someone they can trust. Passing that test largely determines the impression that you make on the person and her desire to meet you again.

My advice to young men who want to date a white woman is that they should always be calm without rushing because they are people that are interested to know you even more than a year before making a decision to start an affair with you if they are interested.

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