Apologise to Ghanaians for economic mess and go to IMF — PhD student to Akufo-Addo

By Ananpansah Bartholomew Abraham
Social News Chris Zankawa Sanusi
FEB 5, 2022 LISTEN
Chris Zankawa Sanusi

A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) student with the department of economics (International Trade) at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China, Chris Zankawa Sanusi is calling on the Akufo-Addo led government to eat the humble pie and apologise to Ghanaians for plunging the country into a hopeless path of economic chaos.

Commenting on the controversial Electronic Levy (E-Levy) before Parliament, the Ghanaian based Chinese student believes the way to go is not to overburden Ghanaians with additional taxes on people's savings.

He is asking government to accept the economic mess and go back to the International Monetary Fund(IMF) for possible financial amnesty.

At this point, three things are eminent, "Government should eat the humble pie, apologize to Ghanaians and start to make some sacrifices. Let the Ghanaian have the feel of your repentance and that we are all going to bite the bullet even though your mismanagement led us all here. In that case, we shall all see the need to relax our stands on this E-LEVY and other adjoining taxes to raise the needed revenue to keep our country running. Again apologize to Ghanaians and go back to the IMF.

"Whiles making those sacrifices, immediate steps must be taken to make the Komenda Sugar factory operational, prioritise rice and poultry farming. If we can downsize the imports of sugar, rice and frozen meat, we would be creating a lot of sustainable jobs and wouldn't have to overburden the citizenry with nuisance taxes," he said in a post copied exclusively to this reporter.

The PhD economics student maintained that, it was unthinkable for government to place the health of the economy in the hands of just two multinational telecommunication companies wondering what will happen should those companies fold up or leave the shores of Ghana.

"Isn't this an insult to our sovereignty? The health of our economy now depends on the telecoms? How sustainable is this arrangement, a whole country's economy relying on just about two MNC's? Assuming these telecoms decides to fold up and leave the shores of Ghana, how is the government going to mobilize revenue to finance its projects?

"At least if we had not privatized our only telecommunication giant i.e Ghana Telecom we could be confident of the sustainability of this source of revenue even if their competitors decided to exit.

Amidst all this back and forth, the man who misled us here, the economics messiah ( Alhaji Bawumia) is tight-lipped," he queried.

According to him, the Akufo-Addo- Bawumiah led NPP government was simply afraid of going to the IMF because of its opulence and extravagant lifestyle.

He added that, the IMF will ensure that every penny government spend from them made economic sense.

He said former President John Dramani Mahama without any economic background has been vindicated when he predicted last year that going to the IMF was inevitable.