We need attitudinal change in Ghana — Lecturer and business dev't consultant

By Abraham Ananpansah || Contributor
Education We need attitudinal change in Ghana — Lecturer and business dev't consultant
JAN 20, 2022 LISTEN

A senior lecturer at the University for Development Studies and Business Development Consultant, Dr. Abdul Fatahi Kambala, has joined the bandwagon for attitudinal change among Ghanaians, especially the youth of society today.

Addressing a crop of young leaders at the first-ever Startup Summit for young leaders in the Savannah Region held at Damongo, the old doctor wondered "why we were still where we are as a country, despite the many knowledgeable people we have such as scientist, researchers, medical doctors inter alia."

He said despite the enthusiasm of the youth, there was currently a gap in knowledge between the frustrations of society today and solutions available to address those frustrations,which can be blamed squarely on attitude.

"Anytime I look around,I see frustrations and at the same time I see solutions...We cannot at the moment say we don't have knowledge. But there is a gap between the knowledge and the solutions.Why are we still where we despite the knowledge and enthusiasm of the youth?Why are we still where we are? Because of the attitude, I keep talking about.

"We have to do something to change our attitude here and now. We all have to come together to make that change. The world is changing on a daily basis. We should be agents of change,but not victims of this change that is happening.

"We have moved from green revolution to industrial revolution. Now, information is what is bringing us the needed change and if we do not look for information and knowledge,we will be where we are. Progress is at the corner," he stressed.

The headmistress of the Damongo Senior High School, Madam Aluguba Mercy, who was recognized with a citation for her outstanding contribution towards women empowerment in the Savannah Region expressed joy that she was being recognized for the change she impacted in society.

She said, looking round, she sees many of her products through the Campaign for Female Education and School For Life doing marvellously in various fields of endeavours.

The gender advocate was however, not happy with the inferiority complex, lack of self confidence and stage fright exhibited by most young girls of today and launched a passionate appeal for change.

The Co-founder of iValley Ghana, Prince Nabil Mahama has said his outfit intends to take technology and innovation to the doorsteps of the people of the Savannah Region.

He said there was the need for young people to identify problems confronting their communities and devise solutions to address them with the help of technology.

According to him, the goal is to reduce business failures in the Savannah Region and equip the youth with capacity building and entrepreneurial skills towards reducing youth unemployment in the region and Ghana at large.

He said the summit was in partnership with the GhanaTechLab after six weeks of intensive training in Mobile Application Development for 13 young people in the Savannah Region. "we started this program with 23 people,10 dropped out because of numerous reasons leaving these 13."

The trainees after the six weeks were given the opportunity to identify problems within their communities and develop a mobile application to address them.

Four groups namely: Smart Farms,Gyeeda, Savannah tours and delivery hub came up with various solutions to challenges in farming, culture, tourism and food delivery in the Savannah Region for pitching.

At the end, Gyeeda was adjudged winners and selected alongside Savannah tours and delivery hub for the incubation stage of the competition. A seed capital of Ghc200 was given to each of the winning groups to assist register their businesses.

Some groups of investors expressed interest in partnering with Smart Farms in realizing their innovative idea of changing the face of farming in the Savannah Region using technology.




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