Cracks deepens in Navrongo NPP as 4 loyalists of late Kofi Adda sacked from party meeting

NPP News Cracks deepens in Navrongo NPP as 4 loyalists of late Kofi Adda sacked from party meeting
DEC 8, 2021 LISTEN

It appears the division in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Navrongo Central branch during the 2020 general election is deepening as a result of the different factions.

Four Executive members were sacked from a party meeting, even after denying T&T meant for them during the Annual Party Delegates Conference held on August 24, 2021.

According to information gathered by this reporter, all the sacked executives were said to be loyalists of the late former Member of Parliament for Navrongo Constituency Kofi Adda.

The NPP Constituency Secretary Mr. Moses Amoah who is supposed to keep records in any organized institution as a secretary said, he was not even invited to the meeting.

Mr. Moses Amoah told this reporter in an interview that, “The constituency held the annual delegate’s conference in Navrongo on 24th August and during the programme, the party sent (T&T) some money to be given to delegates. The polling station executives were supposed to receive Ghc50.00 and the coordinators were to receive Ghc100. So, the chairman and the other executives decide to deny some of the polling station executives and some of the electoral areas their money. They were denied their T&T for no reason. And the guys have followed up to take their monies and the chairman refused.

“So, they also wrote a petition and petition the regional executive committees to intervene and collect their monies for them and he still has a problem with that. So yesterday, they called a meeting between constituency executives, party elders, patrons and electoral area coordinators, which I am not even aware of the meeting as the constituency secretary. The constituency organizer is not even aware of that meeting. And yesterday in that meeting, four of those area coordinators who were denied their monies were sacked to move out of the meeting. You can imagine, you denied them their monies, you said you won’t give them their monies and they petition the region to intervene and collect their money and you said no, they shouldn’t have even petition. So, that was the issue”.

However, Constituency Chairman Anthony Spinoza Mensah has denied the claim that he chased them away.

He stated, “I didn’t even chase them, I had a meeting and they came uninvited then I gave them the courtesy when the meeting was about to start, then I asked that we have a meeting but I didn’t invite you then they left. The next moment they went to a radio station to discuss it so this morning they called me. And I told them we don’t discuss party issues on radio. If they know that I have actually asked them to leave the meeting they were not invited and if they want to clarify anything, they should come to me rather than radio. But I will forgive them because they don’t know what they are about. It was a particular meeting we were holding and the motive was how to re-organized the party”.

When asked whether the re-organization meeting was not supposed to involve all constituency party executives, Mr. Response was a big ‘no.’ He added, "It was meant for some selected party members."

Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen
Ngamegbulam Chidozie Stephen

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