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An Attemted "Coup D'etat" In Anlo.

An Attemted
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A CLOSER LOOK AT THE UNDERCURRENTS AT WORK Coup D'etats staged to seize control of organs of National Government are not Novelties in Ghana. Indeed many uniformed men with swords have in rapid succession seized control of the organs of Governments in Ghana beginning in 1966. Attempting a Coup D'etat at tribal level and proclaiming one's self as a Regent to a stool is Novelty and indeed sounds as quixotic as to deserve a good laugh. This however is not particularly very comical because Coup D'etats are carried out by a group of Plotters with a lot of help and resources. The Anlo attempted Coup D'etat is no exception. THE FOLLOWING FACTS ARE OF HISTORICAL RECORDS.

1. One Mr. Francis Nyonyo Agboada recently declared himself Regent for the Awoamezi of Anlo and also assumed the Stool name of Sri III. 2.He has sought to also wrestle the role of President of the Anlo traditional Council from TOGBUI AGBESI AWUSU II, AWADADA AND ACTING AWOMEFIA OF ANLO. 3. He has managed to have the National Papers of Ghana, The Daily Graphic and The Ghanaian Times, proclaim and project him as The "New Awoamefia of Anlo", while effectively placing a NEWS BLACKOUT' on all communications and advertisements by the chiefs and elders whose roles he seeks to usurp, so effective was his media monopoly that "The Daily Graphic and the other national papers repeatedly refused to publish releases by the chiefs and elders who are being muscled out by the LEADER OF THE ATTEMPTED COUP. 4. All the elders and kingmakers of the ROYAL ADZOVIA CLAN have issued communiqués trying to set the records straits and condemning this act which all concerned citizens of Anlo find so obvious and an embarrassment to the State. The state owned GHANAIAN MEDIA has so far done a good job of failing to devote any INK and air time to the chiefs and their cries of "FOUL" Evidence of existing coconspirators and help from very high places and branches of Government are as follows: 1. With impunity Mr. Francis Nyonyo Agboada has dived head first into the Awoamezi affair irrespective of injunctions in court. 2. Injunctions served restraining him irrespective, Francis Nyonyo Agboada called a meeting of the Anlo Traditional Council in Keta on 27th June 2003, a clear contempt of court and a violation of tradition since he is not a chief. 3. Curiously enough 2 Justices of the High Court of Ghana, setting aside all other matters made the trip to Keta to grace the occasion, hailing the so call "NEW KING" and with Legal Jargon sought to lend the strange and bizarre event in Keta an air of credibility and respectability. 4. More strange is the fact that an ELITE POLICE UNIT", called ''THE PANTHER UNIT" came from Accra to provide security for the COUP Plotters at their meeting at Keta. We the concerned citizens will want to know which official sent the PANTHER UNIT TO KETA? 5. More ominous was the fact that the DCE at Keta should be aware of the obvious irregularities involved in Mr. Francis Nyonyo Agboada's convening a meeting of the Anlo Traditional Council, a role which is the prerogative of the President of the Traditional Council. Why on earth did he permit such a meeting at the Keta District Assembly Hall, since he was aware of the injunction forbidding such a meeting? Indeed, Politics surely makes for strange "BED FELLOWS". Political Interference In The Awoamezi Dispute Of Anlo. - A Recipe For Tragedy History has shown us that political interference in Ghanaian chieftaincy disputes always causes more harm than good. In this respect the Anlo Amoamezi dispute is no exception. Indeed the perception of Governmental interference in the Amoamezi dispute has contributed to the present stalemate and hardening of positions. To those unaware of the history of the Awoamezi, the SCARED position it occupies in Anlo land and the intensity of emotions involved in this dispute, we humbly sound a cautionary note. Any external interference in this DISPUTE shall cause a conflagration that will make the recent, "DAGBON TRAGEDY" pale in comparison. There will be unnecessary loss of lives and property, instability and animosity shall flourish. Negative forces shall be set in motion that will retard any DEVELOPMENT in the area. Surely capital and development are averse to instability? To those Political Gurus who see POLITICAL GAIN IN THE AFTERMATH OF THE DEATH AND DESTRUCTION and the Instability their machinations shall set in motion, we say THINK AGAIN. It is with great consternation that we have arrived at this conclusion that there are EXTERNAL FORCES actively interfering in the already messy process of the selection and enstoolment of the Awoamefia of the millennium. The turn of events is particularly disturbing since some recent chieftaincy disputes in our Dear Ghana have ended in Tragedy and generated strong emotional forces negatively directed and likely to take decades to dissipate. Surely there are critical lessons to be learnt by all from the recent sad events referred to above. We the concerned citizens of Anlo in North America have been following keenly the matter of finding an occupant for the Awoamezi and want to make the following observations: 1. Our people have a proverb which states that "WHEN BROTHERS FIGHT THEY DESIST FROM STICKING EACH OTHER IN THE EYE". 2. It is imperative that we remind ourselves and educate outsiders of the fact that "THE CONTESTANTS " to the Awoamezi are "BROTHERS" Who are involved in a drama older than ANTIQUITY which has been played and replayed in Anlo land each time the Awoamezi becomes vacant. 3. The citizenry usually sits through this Drama with a mixture of impatience and plain indulgence. 4. We the concerned citizens of Anlo in North America are saddened by the inability of the Royal Adzovia Clan to bury their hatchet and come out with an Awoamefia to lead Anlo in the new Millennium. By their inaction the kingmakers of the Adzovia clan have held the Anlo State to ransom and have after 4 years of wrangling Exhausted our indulgence.

5. To the outside forces fomenting turmoil and hurting our land and its people, we strongly admonish you to cease immediately from your nefarious deeds.

6. The inevitable question we must ask is "WHY THE OUTSIDE INTERFERENCE?

a. Could it be a Diabolical as an attempt to make Political Hay at the expense of Anloland?

b. Could it be as petty as settling old scores?

c. Or it is just a matter of everybody having a price and that there is nothing money cannot buy?

7. To our fellow citizens of Anlo, We say, " BE OF GOOD CHEER" recognize those who seek to divide us and turn Brothers against Brothers as mischief-makers.

8. We shall work hard to expose the mischief-makers and the bosses they report to. We have enough information in our possession to enable us unmask them, blow their covers and flush them out into the open. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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