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Unique Oil supports needy but brilliant students

Unique Oil supports needy but brilliant students
26.11.2021 LISTEN

Unique Oil Company, a subsidiary of the Masri Group has funded the complete tuition of several needy but brilliant students in the country.

Unique Oil Company commits to giving scholarship packages as part of its Corporate Social Responsibilities to make an impact in lives and be relevant in the areas where it operates.

Young Godfred Tano from Sefwi Wise, who is studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology is selected to benefit the scholarship.

Godfred Kofi Tano Junior, the family's sole breadwinner, applied for a scholarship to pay for his higher study. When he was going to write his WASSCE exams, his mother had mental disorders, making it impossible for him to continue his schooling. Despite his financial difficulties, Godfred has continuously demonstrated his hard work and dedication in his studies, earning 5As and 3Bs in his WASSCE exams.

Mr Tano however, expressed his gratitude to the company, adding that the payment of his expenses will allow him to focus on his studies.

Unique Oil Company counts on supporting as many outstanding but needy students to the tertiary level every year as part of the company's commitment to serving the communities in which it operates and society as a whole.

Mr Eric Abeka Musah, Chief Executive Officer of Unique Oil Company Limited, is a firm believer in education as one of the most important drivers of social and economic progress.

According to him, the company is dedicated to assisting individuals in their personal growth through education. He added that the company will continue to make ambitious investments that will benefit communities and the country as a whole.

The company's aim is to do more in the near future, as this is just the start of many bigger things to come.

Hassan Nankwe
Hassan Nankwe

Northern/Oti Region CorrespondentPage: NankweHassan