05.10.2002 Feature Article

Ghanaians Abroad To Invest In Kumasi City Hotel If...

Ghanaians Abroad To Invest  In Kumasi City Hotel If...
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Ghanaians are capable of investing in their own destiny and not only foriegners. Ghanaians outside the country are crying out for investment in Ghana.

NPP Government should pay particular attention to their call. Ghana can be developed by Ghanaians if given the chance to do so. We can develop if we have competent industrial consultants and intellectuals with “WISDOM” and dedication in our government. Ghana needs “Development action” and not sweet talks.

The Ghanaian can only feel proud to be a Ghanaian if he is trained to be a nationalist and an investor. The Ghanaian can be trained to respect the rule of “LAW” and to be made “ACCOUNTABLE” for his wrong deeds. This makes him feel a Ghanaian national.

„Teach a child what is good and he will not get out of it when he grows“

Let our leaders, intellectuals, chiefs and the government start teaching Ghanaians what is self-reliance, dedication, motivation, creativity, justice and unity, that is needed in development, rather than Toying with our destiny and selling anything that our forefathers toiled for. When can Ghanaian leaders ever be creative as other nations are?

It is not only the “Booklong” and sweet talks that we need, but also the “Wisdom of creation” and understanding. This is what our colonial masters never taught Africans where they got their “Wisdom of creativity” from. Why are they increasing and we are decreasing? They taught us how to read an write and that is the end.

Mr. President with all due respect, what is the meaning of the term “Positive Change” if our government cannot teach Ghanaians how to change positively?

Your government is aware that many of our state owned real estates and industries are vanishing or being sold to foreign investors why? Why not sell to your own nationals? Why dont you first ask Ghanaian entrepreneurs if they are ready to take up the challenge before thinking of a foreigner?. Is it because our leaders are incapable of managing their own properties and as such have no other choice than selling or privatising our properties to foreigners?.

Mr. President, do your ministers feel the pain of our tax payers? Do your ministers feel the pain of our children and our ancestors? Do your ministers have any idea as to what can be done to safe City Hotel from collapsing? Should this Hotel also be sold as Interconti and other Hotels in Accra have been sold to foreigners during the reign of Rawlings?.

Mr. President, how can Ghanaians sit down to see the collapse of all our government properties built by the Tax payers money? What is the future of this prestigious Hotel and other government properties in the country?

Ghanaians abroad are ready to save CITY HOTEL from collapsing. Ghanaians are prepared to start investing in City Hotel now.

To be very precise, your Excellence, NPP government should now come out with a concept that can encourage many business and private Ghanaians abroad and in Ghana respectively, to invest in the rehabilitation of CITY HOTEL in Kumasi and other government properties in Ghana now.

Information reaching me in my office, indicates that there are many business and private Ghanaians willing to invest in this project if your government can submit any attractive investment plan to Ghanaians abroad for their perusal and action.

If this proves successful, the next investment areas will be: Jute, shoe factory, pencil factory, tourism and other projects. It is not only a “WHITE” man, but a “BLACK” man, if given the chance, is also capable of managing his own affairs.

President Kufuor please with due respect, your people need “Positive Action” now and not only words of mouth. Ghanaians are prepared to change positively if you can change them. Help us to help our nation.

Please see to motivate your people and they will finish the job. We want to invest in “CITY HOTEL” now.

Prince Aidoo Junior Ghana Social Democrats West Germany.

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