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Don’t let greed, love of money drive you to stage coup in Ghana – Agyin-Asare to soldiers

Dont let greed, love of money drive you to stage coup in Ghana – Agyin-Asare to soldiers
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The General Overseer of the Perez Chapel International, Rev Dr Charles Agyin-Asare is appealing to the security services not to contemplate a coup de’tat despite prevailing conditions in the country.

Speaking at the annual security services day of national prayer at the Burma Camp on Thursday, October 21, Rev Agyin-Asare said despite low motivation and the misnc9nduct of politicians in power, the men in uniform should continue to hold the country together.

“In our sub-region, we see coup detats, power drags and like in Mali, Chad and Guinea.

“These show soldiers who are not under authority but have made themselves authority, bad as it may seem, I will put much of the blame on the political class of those nations.

“They change the constitution to seek their self-ambitions and increase their salaries without increasing those of the ordinary citizens, many entered into politics without much but in four years they own houses and fleet of cars whiles the populace lack basic amenities.

“Once many of these politicians came to power they became tin gods who could not be criticized without unleashing their attack dogs on the critics.

“Some governments have also turned the civil and public service upside down by sacking competent people and replacing them with party faithful, some of whom are very incompetent, the government also superintend over economic mismanagement

“In our dear Ghana, we don't want a coup d'etat. Is it that we don't have problems like we see in the sub regions.

“We do have the same problems.

“Be content with your wages. It is true that most military and service personnel are poorly remunerated even though your job requires you to defend the citizenry sometimes at the risk of your own lives, it is very unfortunate that your salaries do often not commiserate with your responsibility, that notwithstanding taking bribes ends up affecting the same you swore to protect.

“Please don't let greed or the love of money drive you to want to do a coup detat.”