14.10.2021 Feature Article

The SALT Institute Holds Another of Its Leadership Seminar Series

The SALT Institute Holds Another of Its Leadership Seminar Series
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The Sundoulos Advanced Leadership Training Institute is a private tertiary institution accredited to the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission. As part of its leadership training drive, the institute is in excess of just providing training at the bachelor and master level to providing cutting edge leadership training for practitioners in academia and industry in Africa and beyond.

In its guest seminar series on Tuesday 11th October 2021 attended by academics, practitioners and students in various areas of leadership, the guest speaker, Dr. Mawuli Coffie charged all Africans to desist from seeing leadership relative to only political service. He added that, leadership is integral to society and every responsibility bestowed on one should be considered an opportunity to lead towards making a change. Speaking on the theme “Effective Leadership in a Rapidly Changing World”, Dr. Coffie iterated the need for followers to play positive roles towards the success of leaders. He added that, when followers, especially political followers demand tokens from political leaders before giving them the mandate to serve, there are tendencies the leaders may abuse the followers by not leading positively. He added that, while it behoove Africans to demand positive leadership, followers must also show responsible followership.

Previous speakers on the SALT guest seminar series include Dr. Akinwumi Adesin of the World Bank. The next guest speaker series is slated for Tuesday 26th October 2021 under the theme “Brighten the Corner Where You Are: How to Think and Act like a Transformational Leader in Africa” with Dr. Steve Ogan as guest speaker.

The SALT Institutes guest leadership series has come timely in an era were Africa seem to be witnessing leadership challenges from many spheres of its leadership life. It is the believe of this writer that, the activities of the SALT Institute and those of other related organisations specialised in leadership training, hold the keys to positive leadership on the continent. This is more so where the African Union’s Agenda 2063 is hinged on harnessing African human resources to achieve all of the thematic sectors of the continent.