15.01.2022 Technology

World Wikipedia Day Marked By SALT Institute

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Wikipedia Day is an occasion to celebrate Wikipedia's birthday. Every year on or around January 15 Wikipedia fans organize their own parties in their own communities to discuss Wikipedia and share cake. Typical activities at these events include Wikipedia editors sharing what they did in Wikipedia last year, anyone proposing to share information in Wikipedia in the coming year, Wikipedia training for newcomers, and socializing.

On January 15, 2001, Wikipedia was established and first edited. Coincidentally, also on January 15, 2001 Creative Commons registered their website. Creative Commons developed the free and open copyright system which Wikipedia uses, and Wikipedia is the most enthusiastic community of the free media which Creative Commons promotes. Yet another festive event around this time is Public Domain Day, which celebrates the media entering the public domain due to copyright expirations at the end of the previous year.

Marking the day with a press briefing, the Registrar of the SALT Institute, Michael Armah, reiterated the importance of the day to higher education in general and the SALT Institute in particular. He said, the day would be remembered by faculty and students alike for the sterling contribution of Wikipedia to students and faculty of the institute.

Mr. Armah urged students and research organizations to mark the day by contributing to knowledge in its diverse forms, arguing that, knowledge is the backbone of every economy. The registrar used the platform to urge potential applicants interested in Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree programmes in Leadership, Management, International Relations, and Diplomacy to pick up forms since the admission windows are still open.

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