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The Next Frontier - Part 10

Theater Play in three acts
The Next Frontier - Part 10
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European White Man: "Have we not done this in the endless past in a good and bad way for them to pick what is best for them in their ways?"

European White Man`s son: " my class, not everyone can learn what another one knows."

European White Man: "We are not talented for everything but each of us for something. And common wisdom is common wisdom. It only must be copied and applied."

European White Man`s wife: "For people to understand what must be understood...even that first step is hard for so many people."

European White Man`s son: "I think I understand now."

European White Man: "I am proud of you. You are from our blood, my son."

African Black Man: "The numbers of Africans drowning in the sea is shocking...very sad indeed."

African Black Man`s wife: "Yes, it seems very inhumane what is going on."

African Black Man: "They have no future in Africa and press into our societies thinking and trusting we have increased what had been given to us."

African Black Man`s wife: "They do not understand that their thinking is wrong."

African Black Man: "And we do not tell them the truth anyway."

African Black Man`s wife: "You know what our ancestors were teaching us. Never tell the truth but pretend you are fine. Why should we expose ourselves as the ones we are to the ones that do not want to hear the truth...the bitter truth anyway. Africans prefer to show off and hide the truth behind a shining light...shining on them."

African Black Man: "Blink...blink means more to us than the simplicity of the truth to eventually learn from. Bitter to admit...but the ruth must one day be told."

African Black Man`s son: "Daddy and Mummy...I tell you the truth."

African Black Man`s wife: "What is is my son. Let us hear!"

African Black Man`s son: "With friends years back we filled a small rocket with the letter we given by the survivors of a migrant ship and sent to the universe to see what would happen."

African Black Man: " never told us!"

African Black Man`s son: "Now you know the truth."

African Black Man: "And the response?"

African Black Man`s son: "We have not heard an answer so far. The address of the people in Africa was on it...but I guess the rocket got lost in time and universe somewhere."

African Black Man`s wife: "You never know. Maybe it has reached somewhere. Maybe a person was touched by the words but unable to respond. Maybe that person did not understand your African friends. Maybe that person will never be able to understand. Maybe that person will feel free not to assist after having given all it can and all it was morally obliged to do because of what had happened in years simply be fed up. Who knows!"

African Black Man`s son: "Can God ever be fed up with his people?"

African Black Man`s wife: "Most certainly not. But God works with time and time in a plan. So when someone is not ready to listen and follow but another one is crying out loud that he wants to move on with proven evidence of his words God certainly in this almighty wisdom will give more blessings to that man than anyone lazy to change and move ahead."

African Black Man`s son: "Oh Daddy, even me I understand your words...and I follow them by the letter."

African Black Man: "We cannot bring all these people knocking at our door come in. Yes, it is true, we are the lucky ones that had made it in time to take over the white man`s paradise. But we cannot go on accepting more and more African`s into our world. There are simply not enough jobs around. Just look how many companies had to close over the past few years. The number of unemployed workers is rising. We have even tried to slow down the process to use robots in our factories so that more people can find a job. But even this great initiative is not working fast enough. After all, Europe has no natural resources which we need for production. Another great challenge to us. Our scientists are not up to the standard that they could make gold out of dust. That is the old story."

African Black Man`s wife: "We have put leaders in place that are not helping us. They parade around the countries with big words confusing our people with pictures of a better future but all their ideas are fake and our people do not see behind their smiling faces. Now it is too late to change them and replace them with better ones. The white man is gone and enjoys a better and better life far from us with no connection anymore with us. He can make it without us...but we... ."

African Black Man: "We are still spinning the wheel of misfortune...round and round we go!"

African Voice: "I am dying...I want to live."

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