Special Father’s Day Message To All Children

By Richmond Sarpong
Public Messages Special Fathers Day Message To All Children
JUN 20, 2021 LISTEN

In this life journey, there is nothing more special than having someone as a father. Despite the challenges and difficult times of struggling, I still see and have had fathers who have been in my life so far as life is concerned, and I believe you are as well. All our fathers are the reason why we are alive today and keep moving.

You can never understand until you become a father yourself. You will never appreciate a father until you experience it. You cannot blame and point hands towards a father because of pain and hurt due to his absence. Before you accuse a father, experience providing full responsibility for a child, even for a day or a week, and you will feel the heat.

Every father, no matter what, still cares and has that soft and tender spot for his offspring. Do not deny your father because of what you were told or the little experience you had with him. Unless you have listened to his side of the story. Fathers are special gifts and are created for a purpose that only God understands. Some have lost their fathers during life's battles, while others have reconciled with their fathers and continue to receive their father’s blessings.

Your father's inability to meet your daily needs does not imply that he is useless and worthless. Despite his limitations, man is special and unique. Every father has a key strategic role in every child's life, whether he provides for them or not. Just a word from you to your father can turn things around for him and make him smile again. Admire this man you call your father today.


Richmond Sarpong

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