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05.12.2020 Feature Article

Why did the Ghanaian media allow the fight against corruption to be taken off the campaign-narrative-table?

Why did the Ghanaian media allow the fight against corruption to be taken off the campaign-narrative-table?
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The contesting presidential candidates of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), President Akufo-Addo, and the biggest opposition party, the National Democratic Congress' (NDC) leader, former President e John Drama Mahama, have finally committed to ensuring peaceful elections, on the 7th of December, 2020.

It is marvellous that both gentlemen have now signed a peace pact. As a result of that positive-development, even before votes are cast on 7th December, 2020, Mother Ghana has already won election 2020. Nice. Cool.

Yet, despite the platitudes that will doubtless flow, aplenty, from that event, sadly, there is still the not-inconsequential-matter, of the unedifying spectacle, of the NPP/NDC duopoly's many eleventh-hour press conference shouting equalisation-counter-accusation-wars, for our nation to deal with.

On the positive side, what those astonishing equalisation-press-conferences clearly confirm, is that as a result of lessons from the COVID-19 global pandemic, we have now reached a juncture in our history, when shared-prosperity, underpinned by world-class healthcare-for-all, free world-class education from kindergarten to tertiary-level, as well as truly affordable, well-designed and well-built housing, for all who need it, is now a given, for competing political parties to include in their election manifestos. Ditto world-class infrastructure, such as roads, railways, ports, green clean-power plants etc., etc.

Alas, what is missing from all the hot air, is the very important matter, of how to end the high-level corruption, which enables powerful and respectable-looking thieves-in-high-places, to keep on purloining the nation-building-resources needed to pay for all the above - that will contribute to the transformation of our country, into a prosperous and equitable society: in which all demographics enjoy some of the highest standards of living, anywhere, on the surfce of planet Earth.

In light of all the above, the question we must all ponder over is: How did it come about that the Ghanaian media, allowed what should have been the main focus of the election campaign - how to fight and end the high-level corruption slowly destroying Ghanaian democracy - to be successfully taken off the campaign-narrarive-table, by our mostly-devious and oft-self-seeking politicians? Hmmm, Oman Ghana, eyeasem, oooo. Enti yewieye paaaaa enei? Asem kesie bi, ebeba debi ankasa, ooooo. Yoooooooo...

Kofi Thompson
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