The Buem Global Foundation Donates Money and PPEs To The Jasikan District

  Wed, 02 Dec 2020
General News The Buem Global Foundation Donates Money and PPEs To The Jasikan District

In the reawakening of the aged long agitation to bring governance closer to our people amidst Ghana’s Regional Re-organization policy of 2017, awareness surfaced up. This resulted in concerted efforts by the affected ethnic groups, to rise up to the visionary developmental challenges which may face the newly created regions. On that note, the people of Buem in the diaspora have come together to nurture some ideas and contributions for the Buem State, to supplement government’s efforts. Hence the formation of the Buem Global Foundation (BGF), an NGO and a non-political organization, with its Headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. As we remain steadfast to this great course, the interruption of the COVID-19 pandemic raised a call for concern, that triggered a great response, resulting in this maiden project, to supply PPEs for the frontline health workers in the enclave.

The BGF is made up of Buems across the world who live outside Ghana. Members can be found in the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, the UK and other countries. The executives are Veronica Bediako-Cra and Theresa Amanie (Canada), Joyce Decutt and Dan Tachie (the USA), Doris Adom Nyarko and Eric Kudjoe Asare (the UK), and Kwaku-Addy Augustine Nyamekye and Kwame Agyei-Nyarko (EU).

The idea to raise money for PPEs, was welcomed by members of the BGF. Contributions were made by individual members. The items donated included pieces of infra red (gun) thermometers, Veronica buckets, methylated spirit, face masks, aprons, and liquid soaps. These items are the first of several other donations to follow. In fact, enroute to the District Hospital is another consignment of equipment. Special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. George/Matilda Bediako, and Dan Tachie of the USA. The presentation of the PPEs was done in July 2020, by the executives of the Buem State Heritage (the local/Ghana Branch of the Buem Global Foundation) led by Rev. Jonas Aburam-Agyakwa, Justina Bediako and Daniel Bediako.

The District Medical Director, Mr. Isaac Annobil thanked the BGF for its contributions towards the fight against the notorious COVID-19 in the district, and described the gesture as very encouraging. He indicates that the upgrading of the health facility to a district hospital was just mention by mouth, without any physical structure or logistics, as a follow up. He called on the government to come to their aid. A facility converted into a quarantine base for COVID-19 patients is a private house within a residential area. It was secretly rented to avoid any serious oppositions. The BGF has since received a letter of appreciation from Mr. Isaac Annobil, who presented the letter on behalf of all the health facilities.

The executives of the BGF express sincere thanks to the leaders of the Buem State Heritage and each member of the BGF for making the PPE project a success. Sincere gratitude to the health care workers, for their selfless diligence to citizens of Buem. The BGF is appealing to all Buem citizens especially those living in the diaspora to join the conversation and help with actions that focus on bringing development to Buem land. Many of you make amazing contributions to your newly adopted countries, communities, and places of worship. BGF is calling on you to join the many passionate members in doing the same. There is great power in collective actions. Please join the powerful force. We need your skills, knowledge, and your presence. Please share this article after reading. If you are a Buem citizen by birth, through marriage or by naturalization, please reach out to us via email: [email protected] . You can also check our website .

Once more,we thank all the members of GBF for your dedications and contributions to the development of Buem. Keep up the good work. We look forward to welcoming other citizens of Buem to be part of the foundation. We hope that our actions would also encourage other ethnic groups in the diaspora to help people back in Ghana through beautiful collective actions.

Written by

Veronica Bediako-Cra (Canada) and Kwaku-Addy Augustine Nyamekye (Germany)