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Treat Women well If you want to Prosper-Lawyer Maurice Ampaw Advises Men

Treat Women well If you want to Prosper-Lawyer Maurice Ampaw Advises Men
LISTEN OCT 5, 2020

Cape Coast, 4th October, 2020, Popular lawyer, Maurice Ampaw has advised all men to treat women well if they want to prosper in life. "Any man who doesn't treat women well would find it very difficult to prosper". "Women are to be taken care of and treated well and that is what all men must do". "If you treat women well, God will bless you and you will prosper" he admonished men.

Reacting to women who offer sex for money, the lawyer said "It is against our customs and the laws of God for women to offer sex for money". He continued that, sex is a physiological need and that is offered for money then, that implies that "Rich men can snatch our wives and girlfriends from those of us who don't have". "That is not right".

He explained further that, if sex is offered for money then some men cannot afford it. He continued, that could make women vulnerable to being raped. But, rather advised men who want to have sex to go through the proper legally accepted customary rites to get woman in their live. "In that sense if the woman offers you sex it isn't for sale because marriage is a partnership and there are roles to be performed by both parties".

According to Mr. Ampaw, any woman who offers sex for cars and others valuables is a cheap woman. He added that, the men who can afford those demands from such ladies are well to do and offering you a car or other valuables are nothing to them. "Such ladies are cheap and need not be countenanced".

Mr. Ampaw took the opportunity to caution women to be careful at the demands they make from some men. He added that, the source of wealth of some men are suspicious and so ladies who normally offer sex for money normally have problems in their lives.

He was speaking on Wontumi TV on the programme "Mmra ne Abrabɔ Mu Nsɛm" today Sunday 4th October, 2020.

In concluding the discussion, lawyer Maurice Ampaw counseled all men to treat women very well and also advised ladies to be very respectful and treat their men like Kings. "That is the way to go".

DC Kwame Kwakye
DC Kwame Kwakye

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