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Gay, Lesbian Escapades Under Attack As Apostle Ntumy Zeros in On Them

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When a Christian decides to go against the directives of the Holy Scriptures in Leviticus 18:22, which states in clear terms that a man "shall not lie with a male as with a woman", emphasizing that "it is an abomination", he would obviously incur the wrath and displeasure of several other Christians.

In a Christian dominated country like Ghana where more than 60% of the entire population are bible-thumping Christians, it would be weird and extremely difficult for a revered man of God as Apostle Dr. Michael Ntumy to whip up support for the practice of homosexuality and lesbianism.
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Several Ghanaians on Thursday morning sternly criticized and took a swipe at attempts by a group calling itself the Gay and Lesbian Association of Ghana to clamour for the legislative instrument to legitimize their activities in the country, since according to them "it was their basic and fundamental human right".

For them, they have been segregated for far too long; hence the need for Ghanaians to integrate them into society and recognize their homosexuality as an accepted norm and practice.

On Joy FM's Super Morning Show, several such Ghanaians including the man of God with nine lives, Apostle Dr. Michael Ntumy, Chairman of the Church of Pentecost Worldwide, added their voices to the condemnation of the theory and practice of homosexuality and lesbianism.

Mr. Prince Madonna, President of the Gay and Lesbian Association of Ghana, met with stiff opposition from the teeming Christian population who appeared to be shocked at his outburst.

Madonna appeared as a panelist on the live programme alongside Edmund Foli, a Human Rights lawyer of the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, and another fellow of the University of Cape Coast to discuss this controversial topic.

The discussion captured the attention of several people who phoned into the programme to condemn his comments.

They even wondered why he had the guts to proclaim his Christianity when in the opinion of one of the callers "he is going contrary to the provisions of the Bible, the Holy Scriptures".

Madonna was then at the receiving end of the listeners' spirited attacks as he tried frantically to justify the act that has been legitimized in certain countries.

At certain times, the world has woken to witness very top and respected men of God officiating gay and lesbian marriages, and at certain times engaging in the practices in total defiance of the provisions of the Holy Scriptures.

Others fired very telling text messages and questions, which sought to raise doubts about Madonna's credibility, confirming the cold attitude exhibited by majority of Ghanaians towards people with such orientation.

Meanwhile, the theory and practice of the widest sect the world over, Christianity, strictly and gravely frowns on such practices as severally prescribed in sections of the bible.

Some quoted the bible in support of their claims that the Holy Scriptures condemns homosexuality and lesbianism, seeing it as an affront to God.

Apostle Dr. Michael Ntumy, who could not fathom any kind of justification for such ungodly practices said, "Homosexuality is an offence against God", quoting Leviticus 20:13, which prescribes, "If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination"; hence "they shall surely be put to death".

This in itself, he said, must inform all persons of how God despises such practices.

He noted that Christians consider homosexuality and lesbianism as contrary to the ways the bible teaches and part of what the Scripture condemns including fornication and stealing.

Hence the only way out for such persons would be to seek accord with God and accept to repent their ways.

"It is unfortunate all over the world homosexuals are coming out of their closets," he bemoaned.

Although many people feel uneasy to talk about it in public, he wondered why and how others felt proud of this orientation, telling the entire world that it is an alternate sexual course.

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