Covid-19: Obuasi Rotational System Enters Second Week

General News Covid-19: Obuasi Rotational System Enters Second Week
MAY 19, 2020 LISTEN

The rotational system of trading which was introduced at the Obuasi Central Market to check congestion has entered its second week.

Authorities introduced the system whereby traders are made to trade in batches to prevent COVID-19 cases.

Obuasi is one of the hotspots identified by the Ghana Health Service (GHS) in the spread of the COVID-19 and after COVID-19 infections started rising there, the city's authorities decided to introduce strict measures to stem the tide.

The Obuasi Municipal Assembly then issued cards to all traders in the various markets and as part of the rotation system and checks by DAILY GUIDE indicated that most of the traders have comported themselves and cooperated well with the authorities.

However, other reports have it that some recalcitrant traders decided to trade at unapproved places at Obuasi and the authorities have said they are determined to clamp down indiscipline and make sure the traders do the right thing.

The municipal assembly is convinced that the rotational system of trading would prevent the spread of the virus.

According to them, there has not been congestion in the market since the introduction of the system and sources at the assembly have said the rotational system of trading at Obuasi would be sustained for some time.

In a related development, some residents of Obuasi are said to be flouting the face masks protocols.

Most of the people were spotted in town not wearing face masks while some of them had lowered their masks to their chin.

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