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Will Obama Dance In Ghana?

06.07.2009 LISTEN
By Daily Graphic

When US President Barack Obama lands in Ghana on Friday, July 10, to begin his tour of selected African countries, he would be setting foot on a land of music and dance.

Traditionally, in Ghana, as well as in Obama’s father’s homeland of Kenya, music is the most widely practised art in the communities. It is always in abundance for ceremonial, religious, political or incidental purposes.

Dance is associated with the rich tradition of music in Africa generally and President Obama proved, through the state balls that came off after his inauguration last November, that he loves to dance.

The American president is really hip and he danced into the wee hours of the next morning after his investiture.

There does not appear to be an official situation for President Obama to show off his dancing skills in Ghana.

There will, however, be music almost everywhere he goes while here and who knows if the spirit may grab him to do an impromptu shuffle along the way?

President Obama’s coming would be the third time in eleven years that a sitting American President is visiting the country.

The first was in March, 1998 when President Bill Clinton, accompanied by his wife, Hillary Clinton, paid a day’s visit to the country.

Ten years later in February last year, President John Agyekum Kufuor hosted President George Bush and his wife, Mrs Laura Bush.

President Obama has already paid tribute to Michael Jackson since the pop star died. Will he do a quick moonwalk in remembrance of the King of Pop on African soil to symbolise where all the African-American flair for dance comes from?

Let’s keep close watch over the American president’s, feet as he tarries on our cherished land on July 10 and 11.

The Daily Graphic has learnt that when the American President accompanied by First Lady Michelle Obama, arrives on the night of Friday, he will take a rest. On Saturday morning, President Mills will host President Obama to a breakfast meeting at the Castle.

At about 9:30 am, President Obama will fly by helicopter to Cape Coast where he will be received by the Regional Minister, Mrs Ama Benyiwa Doe.

The two will then drive through town to meet the Oguaa Omanhen, Nana Kwesi Atta at his palace. After the necessary courtesies, the visitors will take a tour of Cape Coast Castle.

By 1:00pm, President Obama will be back in Accra for lunch at the Castle with President Mills and guests and then proceed to the Independence Square for a national ceremony where he is expected to make a significant statement to Africa.

Two hours later, President Obama will be on his way to the Accra Airport and away.

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