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11.02.2015 Exclusive News

IWAN speaks on Kinto Rothmans Gay Assault Saga

By QillaGh (Kleef Phamily Media)
IWAN speaks on Kinto Rothmans Gay Assault Saga
LISTEN FEB 11, 2015

Just a few hours ago,The award wining Reggae Dancehall Artist and presenter,Abdul Razack Issahaku,known in SHowbiz as IWAN expressed his grievances on the "Kinto Rothmans" alleged Gay Assault saga on his Facebook page.Bellow is what the Lyrical Gunshot wrote ;

"When We were Burning Batty Man years Ago in our lyrics , Most guys where damn scared to do so. Why? Because they say Batty Men Rule the World. Rule who? Jah, Ya Allah is My Ruler, Now that Your favourites, Friends and Brothers are Turning into Batty Men, U wanna Speak Out. It's not my problem even if my Father Becomes a BattyMan but its My Problem if I Fail to publish the Words of My Heavenly Father in The Holy Quran and Holy Bible That Condemns Man to Man and Woman to Woman Sex. You have not seen Nothing Yet. Many are those who would become Batty Men in the coming years. Do you think We are now Beginning, No, this is the End times. Boys would bow down Just for money. Because there is no Faith. Insecurity all over. Vanity upon Vanity .. Riches and Fame turn Dem mad. ‪#‎FoolSayNoGod‬."

Check out screen Capture bellow..
Story Written by; QillaGh (Kleef Phamily Media)

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