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27 November 2012 | General News


Shamima Braimah

After much anticipation by fans to once again witness the sterling and creative performance by the H4P Crew, their expectations were met on the 17th of November, 2012 at the National Theatre.

The “Dromo Concert”, slated to begin at 5pm was preceded by an exhibition show. At 4:30 pm, fans were allowed into the foyer where H4P souvenirs and other give away were shared. Others had the opportunity to purchase items from various exhibitors that showcased several products ranging from fashion accessories, bladeless fans, snack joints to mention but a few. Infants, children, teens, adults, foreigners and natives, and some Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) trooped into the National Theatre ready for an exciting and memorable night. Special guests included Ms. Eva Lokko (Running Mate for the Progressive People's Party) and her Personal Assistant, Mrs. Salome Francois (Founder and Executive Director of New Horizon Special School), Mrs. Vanessa Adu-Akorsah (the school's Principal) and Mrs. Comfort Amesawu (Founder of Bescal Jewels Academy, Tema).

The H4P (Here for Perfection) Organization is a Ghanaian Non-Governmental Organization which from its inception on 7th January, 2011 focuses on health, human rights and national development. The triune mandate of H4P (Heal the world, feed the world and build the world) is the womb that birthed the Anti-Malaria Campaign and Special Advocacy for Persons With Disability. The main source of funding for these herculean tasks is through the biannual melodrama concerts organized by the H4P Organization.

H4P boasts of the distribution of over 2000 Insecticide Treated Nets, beginning a nation-wide anti-Malaria campaign tour which entails education and donations of ITN's as well as organizing seminars aimed at training pharmacist, midwives, laboratory technicians on current malaria prevention trends in less than two years.

The Special Advocacy for Persons With Disability is being spearheaded through “The Helping Hand” , the only TV programme in Ghana that highlights the success of accomplished PWD's, addresses the necessary support base to help provide adequate training and help for less-privileged PWD's. H4P Organization strongly believes that disability is not inability and thus seeks to bridge the gap between abled persons and PWDs through the re-orientation of the perception society has regarding PWD's. “The Helping Hand” is aired on Metro TV (Sundays at 7:30pm) and Sky TV (Sundays at 3:30pm).

It therefore came as no surprise when PWD's were presented the opportunity to enjoy wholesome family entertainment which uniquely blends critical life issues in a satirical manner without any fear of stigmatization. At 5:00 pm exactly, the concert begun with performances from the Royal Sparrows Ministry Band (a singing band made up of visually impaired people) and the New Horizon Special School Cultural Troupe. They marveled the audience through their singing and cultural dance performances. The applause during and at the end of their performances was a clear indication of the audience satisfaction and thrill. The H4P Dance Factory further increased the excitement in the theatre through their salsa and hip hop choreography.

In a world where diverse persons with distinct interests, characters and upbringing live, the need for peaceful co-existence is as fundamental as the air one needs to breathe. Peace, a simple, yet powerful element, is made available not only to those that know, but those who are willing to pay the price for it. What is the price for peace in marriages, families, institutions, nations and for our world? The H4P Organization once again held the audience spell-bound through their mind-blowing stage set-up, out-of-earth fashion designs and astute organizational prowess.

“The Price for Peace” a story written and directed by Apostle Charles Hackman (C.E.O of H4P Organization) and performed by the H4P Crew (Florence Kpano, Henry Tims Ankrah, Marilyn Martinson and Elorm Assiseh) brought to light how victims of physical, emotional and psychological abusive relationships are expected to break though the grips of hurt, pain and disappointment to walk freely on the corridors of peace. We are presented with the situation where a young woman, Lovilea (Elorm Assiseh) becomes the victim of an abusive marriage, but stays on believing that things would change for the better. After enduring three miscarriages, due to physical abuse, she leaves the marriage but has to live the rest of her life, emotionally battered and damaged beyond what she can bear. On the other side is a young man, Ato Richmond (Henry T. Ankrah) also is abused emotionally and psychologically by his rich but arrogant wife, Rose Kate (Florence Kpano) who finds every opportunity to disgrace and disrespect him. Tempers flare, hearts are hurt, the flame of love slowly wanes and yet it is demanded that peace prevails! By the final scenes, it became evident that the price for peace is forgiveness, tolerance and love. Pamela (Marilyn Martinson) said it best that “Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself not the one who has offended or hurt you. To forgive is to set a prisoner free only to discover that you are that prisoner”.

As Ghanaians head to the polls coming December 7th, the H4P Crew has taken a stance to vote for peace. Elections come and go, but Ghana remains forever. We are first Ghanaians before members of any political party. “Dromo Concert” was a platform used to admonish all Ghanaians to pay the price of tolerance, forgiveness and love in order to have peace before, during and after the elections in order to continue being the beacon of hope and democracy in Africa and the world at large. As the Middle East continues to be more like a boiling pot, we can prevent it reaching tippling point through tolerance, forgiveness and love for our fellow man.

As the curtains were brought to a close, at 8:30pm, the icing on the cake was served when the Executive Producer of H4P (Apostle Charles Hackman), the H4P Crew and H4P Team were introduced. The minute long standing ovation and cheers from the audience spoke volumes about the master-piece performance they had just watched. The MC for the occasion, Mr. George Laing (Uncle George of “Kyekyekule” fame) shared the testimony of Apostle Hackman's miraculous healing and recovery from severe stroke that rendered him blind and paralyzed about four months ago. “Dromo” (a Ga word meaning grace) Concert was therefore an opportunity to show forth God's goodness and grace towards us all.

Few fans interviewed after the concert showed deep contentment and excitement not just regarding the unique blend of drama and music but also the real-life lessons presented through entertainment. Mr. Elorm Mensah, the PR for the H4P Crew in a brief interviewed reiterated the aim of the H4P Organization to achieve nation building through entertainment. He urged all and sundry to take up responsibility and pay the price for peace to be resident in our homes, communities and beloved country, Ghana.

The H4P organization applauds its sponsors for the “Dromo Concert”, Benjies Furniture, GTP Nustyle, Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets, Sweet Melodies, Fedec Ventures, Fan Milk Limited, Expresso and others who one way or the other helped through gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Be on the lookout for other upcoming H4P projects and be sure to join the H4P Train. After all, it can only get better!