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09.03.2012 General News

A Basketful Of Laughter

By Kow Ahenakwa - Daily Graphic
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Watching a comedian performing on stage, one may think that they are a bunch of happy fellows without a care in the world; but they do.

The Comedy Berlusconi, as Nigerian comedian, Gordons, loves to call himself let slip one of the major worries that people in his profession suffer. They dare not repeat themselves.

Why would people enjoy the same song over and over and yet when it comes to jokes, they won’t continue to laugh? He asked during last Saturday’s RLG Independence Comedy Jam in Accra.

How true that is if comedians could tell the same jokes over and over to the same audience and keep them laughing, they may not go to their wits end every time they mount the stage. Yet they survive.

They survive and do quite well by creating new jokes all the time and rehash old jokes to give them a new a new flavour.

Gordons was good at that last Saturday andeven better was the comedian of the night, Basketmouth. Like a basket, the man’s mouth continually leaks with jokes of all kinds—clean jokes, tolerable jokes and downright dirty jokes.

It was Basketmouth’s dirty jokes that must have caused a lot of patrons squirming in their seats. The comedian was virtually revealing all the little lies that men tell to escape the wrath of their women. Still everybody laughed.

Laughter is good medicine, they say but too much of it at a go could be a health threat. That was the near-case during Saturday’s show when besides Gordons and Basketmouth, patrons had to contend with Klint da Drunk who was MC.

Quite a pleasant evening it was with good music provided by the Patch Bay Band and sterling solo performances by Stars of the

Future, Emma, Efya and Irene. Nigerian Idols singer, Omawumi unfortunately did not quite fly.

The RLG Independence Comedy Jam was a GH One Entertainment TV initiative.

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