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06.03.2014 Entertainment

Kente Album Trailer

By CityStreetzManagement

After his thoughts came the actions, then the actions became a variety of choices..choices that were neither good nor evil, but like the 'Kente' cloth, the originality of his beautiful patterns of hard work over the years would reveal the true gem in Juice Bigfellow.

Today he releases this much anticipated 'Kente' music video Trailer, an epilogue of sorts with a dramatically infused setting, which is amazingly written, filmed, produced and directed by Juice Bigfellow, also an Ashanti himself by ethnicity and now digitally distributing his material via his own DIGIGLOBAL MEDIA network.

Striving to produce this project may have centered around the rich authentic texture and pattern of the Kente cloth, but by this music video, the Kente cloth may now look even better.

For his fans globally, another treat by Juice Bigfellow is now available for download, and only the quality oriented would acknowledge this masterpiece made in America by a true master of the arts.

'Kente' – an original music video trailer by Juice Bigfellow. NOW PLAYING on and social media platforms.
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