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5 Signs You Are At A Bad Suya Spot

Jumia Travel
19 May 2017 | Home & Food

Suya is a very popular street food or delicacy in Nigeria. It is usually prepared in the evening and many people patronise these suya spots that are often located at the roadside.

Anyway, if you are a suya lover, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares signs of a bad suya spot if you really want to buy the tastiest and sweetest suya.

You cannot see or smell smoke
The first thing that attracts you to any suya spot is the smoke. It is an indicator that the suya is being prepared at that spot. If there is no sign of smoke, that is not a serious suya spot.

There is sauce all over
Sauce is usually added to complement the taste of suya. If you observe that the sauce is all over the place, look for another place to buy yours.

Not many people patronising the spot
This is perhaps the easiest way to identify a good suya spot, you will find so many people patronising the suya seller. However, if customers are scanty, it may be because the suya is not tasty or it is poorly prepared.

It is not prepared by a Hausa man
There is nothing like suya grilled by a Hausa man. If the seller is not Hausa, you should just move on.

The spot is very dirty
You should never buy suya at a spot that is very dirty or messed up even if it is the best suya spot in Lagos . You should think about the effect of eating such a suya on your health.

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