6 Smart Ways To Make Your Luggage Stand Out In The Crowd

Social Issues 6 Smart Ways To Make Your Luggage Stand Out In The Crowd
FEB 25, 2016 LISTEN

A recurring travel problem that many people often encounter is the loss of their luggage. Black seems to be the colour of every luggage making it is easy for your dark coloured bags to get go in transit while moving from one locale to the other especially as bus terminals and airports crowd over in preparation for the Easter holiday rush . However, if you do not want to have this kind of horrible experience, Africa’s No. 1 hotel booking portal points you to smart ways you can make your luggage stand out in the crowd.


Tie a Scarf or Ribbon
You do not need a whole length of cloth to tie on the handle of your luggage. Just get a very colourful fabric maybe red or burgundy, strap it to your travelling bag and you are good to go. This can do the job differentiatingyour luggage from the crowd.

Colourful luggage tag
The function of the luggage tag is to identify your luggage. You will fill in your name, destination and other relevant information. This tag can only go a long way. But if you use a flashy luggage tag, it will definitely cut down the chances of your luggage being snatched as you probably know that you are the only one using that type of tag.


Regular travellers must have experienced the horrors associated with losing their luggage. They would not want to be entangled in such again because it is usually intractable. In line with this, you can use a sticker. Wherever you travel, you should buy a sticker and add paste it on your luggage.

Show off your artistic flair
You do not need to be an artist to paint your luggage. You can use any painting ideas that pops into your head like a cup, spoon, bird, or phone. Draw or paint anything that you know will lead to a luggage mix up.


Be Weird
Deviating from the norm makes you weird and different. It may attract unnecessary attention but you are guaranteed that your luggage will not be stolen. In addition, you are assured that your luggage will not be confused with another.

Tape your suitcase
Tape can also make your suitcase stand out from the crowd. You can use a decorative duct tape which makes it easier for you to identify your suitcase. Aside from preventing the theft of your luggage, it will forestall any kind of delay at the airport.