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What Not to Do Diet-Wise While Travelling

By Motunrayo Shafau
What Not to Do Diet-Wise While Travelling
LISTEN JUN 19, 2015

Food seems to be the conversation-starter these days. Food assails us on the internet, roadsides, everywhere. The Ramadan season does not make this any easier. When embarking on journeys whether by flight or by road, it is easy to get carried away in the excitement or stress of the moment and take some not-so-wise decisions about food. Keep in mind that as you travel, you are confined to a limited space - you can’t take long walks after your meals to make the digestion a tad faster. brings you some tips on what not to do if you aim to maintain a healthy travel diet.

Skip breakfast
Your flight or bus is scheduled to leave at noon. You would rather get to the park or airport early than have breakfast. Your tenseness is understandable but skipping out on breakfast is a bad idea. Your body needs this to fuel itself for your impending journey, without breakfast you would find yourself getting tired and restless in the bus or plane faster than expected. A quick sandwich or salad is way better than nothing.

Go on a thirst strike
Skimping over your water intake is not advisable. Although the thought of frequently visiting the bathroom while on the plane or bus may be unappealing to you, it is quite important to stay hydrated. The ration of water provided in airplanes may not be enough for you, it’s better to have a bottle of water handy to quench your thirst when the need arises. Soft drinks are not a good substitute for that good ole bottle of water.

Avoid fibrous foods
Grains, nuts, wheat - these are foods in their natural state. With the amount of processed foods being churned out by factories daily, the decision to be more health-conscious by opting for these is one that is quite important.

Buy food at every stop
If you’re travelling by road, the only acceptable excuse to do this is if it is for latter purposes. Although the delicacies provided at different stops as you travel by bus must be quite appealing and difficult to get on arrival to chosen destination. Immediate consumption of everything you buy may be a bad idea. You don’t want to be that passenger that begs the driver to pull over due to stomach problems.

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