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The Correction of Sons

devotional 5
LISTEN JUL 4, 2014
devotional 5

Rev O. Areogun
Hebrews 12:5-11
When you are chastised by a pastor or father in your life let it be known to you that God is dealing with you as a son. Any individual without a source of correction in his life is on a highway to failure and destruction.

Your gifts, talents and abilities will lead to your promotion but the weaknesses in your life will demote you. It calls for thanksgiving if God has put somebody in your life to correct you from impending dangers. If you hate correction Bible says you shall die (Proverbs 15:10), therefore it is critical that you cherish every channel of correction in your life.

When you are corrected, it does not mean that you are a wrong person but there may be something wrong in your action or behaviour that God wants to correct in your life.

There is a great danger ahead of an individual that is not open to correction. The correction of sons is such that you need to thank God if you have someone that is supplying correction in your life. People that correct you are preserving you from danger and destruction ahead of you. Your fear should not be the correction you are about to receive again but that the individual correcting you may become tired and fed up therefore leaving you to yourself.

Psalm 141: 5 says “Let the righteous smite me; [it shall be] a kindness: and let him reprove me; it shall be an excellent oil, which shall not break my head.” The man that has best opened to the rebuke and correction of God is most suited to represent Him. Don't be a bastard by refusing the correction of your heavenly Father and the channels through which He has chosen to correct you.

The greatest sign of hatred is indifference. If you have someone that is concerned about the errors you are committing or likely to commit, then you still have someone that loves you. Never let people concerned about your destiny and life's outcome keep quiet.

Prayer: Father, thank you for your commitment to my life. From today, I decide to be corrigible; I receive the heart of a son that cherishes the rebuke and correction of a father in Jesus' name.


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