waiting ame
LISTEN MAR 26, 2014
waiting ame

“As for me, behold. My covenant is with thee. And thou shalt be a father of many nations” (Genesis 17:4)

After 24 years of following God, the Lord visited Abraham one day and told him He had never truly introduced Himself to him. On this occasion, He introduced Himself as the Almighty God – Jehovah El- Shaddai, the God who can do anything, bring children out of stones and reverse the irreversible.

He did not give Abraham the opportunity to introduce himself because He knew Abraham was not more than the dust of the earth or a worm. He was like a flower which blossoms by day and withers by night. God knew all his limitations. He knew his barrenness. Yet God offered to partner with him. He said he would provide him divine support and turn his nothingness into something; his childlessness into his fathering nations, his foolishness into wisdom etc.

“ As for me, behold, my covenant is with thee, and thou shalt be a father of many nations” ( Genesis 17:4 ). If God could wait that long before properly introducing Himself to Abraham, it is possible for believers to operate a flat and plastic relationship with God throughout their lives; Has God ever introduced Himself to you? Has He called you into a deeper, more serious walk with Him? If He is still tolerating those shortcomings and excess luggage in your life, it shows He does not have any serious plan for you yet. If you can violate His Word and it appears nothing is amiss, it means your relationship with God is nothing to Him.

After 24 years of self government, God was ready to get into a covenant with Abraham. Even though God wanted this at the beginning, it could not happen because Abraham was not ready. God wants to cut a covenant with you that will run through generations in your lineage and affect the world. But until you are ready and serious, He cannot go ahead. Today, many Christian leaders and church people are holding God back from performing His great plan for their lives. If the waiting game is too long, God may have to look for alternatives. And believe me, He has several better alternatives. How long will you keep playing hide and seek with the Almighty? How long will you keep him waiting? When you toy with sin, romance with little lies once in a while, or provide human alternatives to your challenges because of impatience, you are keeping God waiting and delaying Heaven's programme for your life.

Prayer Point: Everything holding God back from performing His great plan for my life is destroy in Jesus name.  Father, nothing will stop me from fulfilling divine agenda in Jesus name.

By Pastor E.A. Adeboye