Wisdom For Godly Parenting – Part 1

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MAR 3, 2014 LISTEN
godly parenting

(1) Availability - Never be a run-away parent a “mobile father”, or on the move mother, be available, be homely, put your family into your schedule, training of children can not be delegated, it is your responsibility, how can you lead, correct, instruct, train or discipline a child you never see or a child that never enjoy your presence, if you are not homely as a parent you are not Godly.

(2) Provision -It is your duty as parent to provide adequately for your children, they need money, shelter, good education, toiletries, cloth, shoe, good health care etc. If you want to be a good parent then you must be a great provider, never push your responsibility to your family members, no, it is your duty provide for your children if you want them to be great tomorrow. “But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever( I Timothy 5:8).

(3) Good Communication - Most Parent don't communicate with their children in the right way, they shout, they command, they abuse, they threat, they curse, condemn, criticise, Judge and compare. Other communication mistakes of parents are, failure to listen, assumption, jumping into conclusion, and thinking they have all the wisdom and that the children are too young to tell them anything.

Parent – child communication breakdown or barrier is one of the reasons why many children are becoming wayward and uncontrollable parents should learn to listen to their children and talk to them positively so as to raise glorious children.

(4) Patience - Parents want their children to start to act maturely even from the cradle, they shout, they beat and punish their children because of child­like or childish mistakes instead of them to know that, their children are young and are bound to make a lot of mistakes hence parent needs to be patience.

(5) Closeness – Parent should “learn to be close to their children  and come down to their level, play with them, know their hobby, enjoy their company, let them enjoy yours, go out with them, know their problem, help them to solve, it, be their counsellor, be their friend, be their confidant, never be a bully father or abusive mother, let them be happy that you are their parent.
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