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Ghost in the House

By Melanie Miller
Ghost in the House
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Shelia awoke one fine sunny morning, to find a dust line by the door of her bedroom. She took a white cloth and wiped the dust trail away. She noticed her mirror was turned around on her stand and wondered how that occured. She went to the downstairs living room and felt a presence, and a cold chill went through her bones. Did she leave the window open? She thought she closed them all, but one was opened, she shut it and shrugged her shoulders. Her thin night gown did not keep the cold out, and she decided to grab her white robe from the laundry room. She meant to wash it, but decided she would another time.

She found her way to the marbled colored floor, in her kitchen and made a pot of coffee. She smoked a cigarette as she found yesterday's newspaper and began to read the want adds. She was seeking a new job, in the medical field as she is a nurse and wanted to resume her nursing career again. She circled one add that needed CNA's-certified nurse's aid. She could call and see if they still needed help so she grabbed the telephone in the kitchen and began to dial. Sure enough, an elderly woman with a beehive for hair, answered the phone so smuggly, was her tone of voice. She told her that the position had already been filled, but that she would take Shelia's phone number just in case, there was another position at another date and time. She seemed heart broken inside, but she could always work as a secatary, as she knew how to type 80 words per minute. She took short hand in college as well, so she thought about placing her own add, and found paper and pen and began to write, then she post a stamp onto it, and made sure the payment of her check was inside the envelope as well, and put the letter inside her mail box for the mail man to take.

She poured a cup of coffee, into her mug, and drink it slowly as it was hot. Black is how she prefered it to be, with no cream or any sugar in it, she did not really like anything in her coffee.

Just then, the phone rang and she answered it, but no one answered her when she said, "Hello." "Hum, she thought aloud, I wonder whom that could of been?" Again, the phone rang it's tune a second time and still no one answered. She was getting a bit upset but brushed it off.

She went to her living quarters and turned on the TV. The news came on and she listened to the newcaster that a plane crash had occured and then the TV went off all of a sudden. She wondered what was going on. First, the phone call and then this. What next! she thought in her mind. She felt this sudden chill again, in the silence of her living room. She thought it maybe a ghost and decided to give her medium friend a call.

Tandy answered the phone. "Hello, who's this calling me in the wee hours of the morning?" she asked inquisitively. "It's me, Shelia, your best buddy." "'s you, well..that's who I thought it was calling me, how are you by the way darlin'? "Well, I'm okay but..." "But what, she asked, ears all over the phone. "It's just I feel not so all alone and feel there maybe an unseen presence in my home." "Say no more, I'll slip into something and be right over in a jiffy!"

She came by and knocked on her door. Shelia answered it, and allowed her to come right in, and put her coat on the chair. "I feel something is here," she said, to feels like a ghost for sure, but I must be certain. Then she found a broom and swept away any negative thoughts, the woman medium did so and found a branch outside, and brought it back in with her. She said, "Now...I am going to shake this branch around your home and see what I feel coming to me the most." She did so graciously and wondered around her home, and then went to the basement...alone. She came back up white as a sheet. "What's the matter, you look so pale." Shelia said with a startle in her voice. "'s nothing really dear." "Something musta' frightened you Tandy." She looked at her with big saucers in her eyes, and said to her long time pal, "It's just I feel you have a ghost that is not so friendly, have you noticed any furniture moving, strange phone calls...?" "That's it, she said to her medium friend, I did just get a few phone calls, but no one answered." "Hum she said, outloud, it could be a spirit of someone that has not crossed the other side yet." She took out of her purse some incense and lit it and then walked around all the rooms with it, then next she took a camera and photographed where all she had the smoke rising, and then noticed something odd in the photos. "Look Shelia, there is your ghost!" A white figure appeared in the picure and she found that it wore something such as a chain around it's mid drift. She could not explain why it was wearing a golden chain but all the same it was. "I want to study these pictures, at home, alright with you Shelia, and I will get back to you later in the day, when I found out something. ok?" "Fine, with me she said with half a smile, I just want to know why a ghost is in my home." "We'll find out soon, well..gotta run for now, as I am casting some spells for a client of mine today, and will chat later on.

She left and got into her blue car, then drove home. About 2 hours later, Shelia got a phone call. It was from Tandy. "Shelia, it's me, I just wanted to tell you, I went on my computer, at home and found out what kind of ghost you have, and it's a nasty one too!" She asked her friend to come by, so she did. She arrived at her home and showed her the print out of what she found. It was a devil ghost, and she was sure that she could summon it up so they could talk to it. She brought with her, an ouiji board as well.

Tandy asked the ghost some questions, first asking it what it wanted and soon the ghost appeared, it made the table move and then cups fell from her cupboards. "I think we may of ticked off this ghost", Tandy said aloud. "What do we do Tandy?" Shelia asked her medium friend. We simply ask it to go to the other side, and then use some incense cones and light them, all around the home. They did so, and the ghost told them that he wanted her to move out! Shelia did not wish to move, she was close by stores and her college she was attending, but she thought maybe it best to move anyways, if this ghost was going to pester her. "Maybe, I should just do what this spirit wants me to do," Shelia said to her friend. "No, do not give into it, you can fight it, here...I brought a book a secret spells to rid one of nasty ghosts, such as this one is." Together they read the book, and soon the ghost made curtains move and the table to shake and then it vanished into thin air. The ghost was soon gone for good and now Shelia can rest at nights. She did thank her friend Tandy for helping her to be rid of this ghost once and for all.

The End

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