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BB Naija All stars winner is Ilebaye, for everyone bullied for being different she's for you

BB Naija All stars winner is Ilebaye, for everyone bullied for being different she's for you

The toy in the Chinese shop, the small rat. The mighty small pepper beat the lions.

From bullied to Victor. I love a fierce cry baby, who overreacts when pushed with a sweetheart. Bbnaija all-stars winner Ilebaye. I love her because we share a similar soul. The most hated most bullied housemate. For those bullied for being different or unique. Ilebaye's win is for them. She got strikes early on for lashing out at her bullies because it was too much. They tried to disqualify her by provoking her but she grew to keep her cool. Of course bullies will always cry you are making them look like the bad person they are, by crying when they hurt you. Ilebaye kept going despite all they did. I love how Big Brother said "you are proof that symbols of hope and strength can come in small packages " ( let's not forget crying packages)

I don't understand she won by pity sentiment because if they didn't bully her she wouldn't be pitied. I don't know why Ike, Seyi, Kiddwaya ( the lion) and all the so called alpha men bullying a girl they call a cry baby think that makes them strong. Those kinds of men are the ones seen as weaklings in society or am I confused? Then we have the so called matured, intelligent, confident, strong self-made women Cee-C, Venita, Tolanibaj, and all the other most beautiful, most high fashion, artificially enhanced make up and clothes beauties ( some even have silicon), bullying someone they call a cry baby who according to them can't dress, because she's a natural beauty and genuine girl. Maybe I'm confused by the definition of strong because this is what weak people do.

To be honest I've never seen such a vile group of people come together to bully one person. Even after she won fair and square I may add. They are still trying to make her feel less than others. I don't understand why some people's bullying behaviour ( their fans must be so pained because they are bullies themselves) leads them to delusions.

How can the most hated housemate, with no friends, with a lot fewer followers on social media, a smaller brand, etc than some of the people she beat, go and connive with BB Naija to win the vote. It is insane the kind of nonsense that people are bringing out. So they mean to tell me with all Mercy's and Cee-C's celebrity backings, with all the so called lions self-made housemates success, clout, contacts and businesses etc. The one they called a small rat, the cry baby, the one they said doesn't know how to dress, talk, behave, has poor training, can't talk to them outside, the toy in the chinese shop, the one with bad behaviour, who they let us know was a nobody pulled strings back stage to change the vote to win. You can't make this stuff up, even for Nollywood and Ghallywood.

Mercy Eke, came first runner up after all her silicone booty shaking, flirting, gossiping, instigating and sabotaging while hypocritically pretending to be a good person and everyone's friend dream didn't come true like Joseph unfortunately. After years Tacha Illebaye's hard-core supporter got her revenge after Mercy provoked her into getting disqualified unfairly. Mercy said she came back to prove a point that her becoming the first BBNaija female winner wasn't because Tacha got disqualified. Well, she didn't win, bragging, overconfidence and Machiavellianism don't always win the day. Even if you pretend to love God.

Cee-C God damned it, came 3 and got evicted. It's the way she said God damn it when she came third for me, it was hilarious. Cee-C has terrible behaviour, always looking down on people, acting high and mighty, snubbing people. After all her decency always putting her breasts out, walking around half naked, bullying and insulting people. After being called to the bar at 22, after all her achievements, that didn't make her invent anything useful, stop world hunger or poverty, she was still evicted. What a shame.

I'm still wondering if the strong lions- the humans with no tear ducts are crying after their epic loss. I'm not just talking about the finalists who bullied Illebaye, but everyone who bullied her during the season. I haven't heard any of them roar since the win.

Once again Congratulations to Ilebaye ! You go girl! You didn't win due to pity, but due to your display of maturity, resilience, strength, vulnerability, genuineness, humanity, self-confidence, and weirdness ( being unafraid to be your authentic self quirky self). You showed us your natural skin, hair and body and promoted self-love. You grew, you learned to not react to nonsense. Through it all you didn't let them make you bow your head low or change who you are. You let us know it's okay to cry even if you are a fire and powerhouse within. You taught us so much 22-year-old Gen Z Baddie. Girl, you were It! You deserved to win! Symbol of hope.

This win sweet me pass! Even the God of Mercy is celebrating.

Don't look down or bully anybody.

The I step on others to win, connivers, hypocrites, sabotagers, bullies and their fans are crying today. As it dey pain them it dey sweet us and Tacha !

Akosua Tuntum Nahana
Akosua Tuntum Nahana

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