Don't Marry Because You Are In Love Marry Because You Are Financially Stable

By Joseph Atchulo
Don't Marry Because You Are In Love Marry Because You Are Financially Stable
13.12.2022 LISTEN

Love is the trap that leads to marriage and money in the glue that keeps the marriage, some might disagree but the truth remains the truth. Many marriages are ending on the rocks because couples have been foolishly blinded by love and decided to tie the knot together not paying critical attention to the finances needed to sustain the marriage.

Society, especially our African society puts so much pressure on the youth to marry and produce children as if that was the gateway to heaven. The irony however is that most of those pushing the young ones to marry are miserable in their own marriages.

The African society is designed in such a way that people will hardly share a business opportunity with you, they will never give you opportunities that will make you financially independent and eventually make you better than them, however they are quick to give you advices that will engineer you to partake in their own pain and misery.

Many young people have ignored this advice to their own destruction, some have even gone ahead to take huge loans to organize luxurious weddings just to please the society. Organise beautiful events, paid for magnificent decorations, cooked all kinds of assorted foods for strangers who even don't like them.

After everyone has gone and completely forgotten about them, they spend several years trying to repay the loan they used for a one-day wedding event. They now realize the difference between wedding and marriage. Wedding is that single day where most people make foolish expenses, marriage is the rest of the life you will be living together paying the bills and raising children.

Hear me, marriage is a pure economic decision and not an emotional decision, love alone is not enough. Children are very expensive today in the 21st century. Diapers are not cheap, school fees are not cheap, healthcare is not cheap in fact children are very expensive and it's not guaranteed you will get a return on your investment. With the current economic crises prices of goods and services have increase by almost 100% with salaries remaining the same

There is a saying that love is blind but marriage will open your eyes. If you are not financially stable you might want to tread with caution. Get yourself a good job, start a business, engage in any self-development endeavour that will make you financially stable and then you can begin to think of settling down.

Society doesn’t care about you, society will not lift a finger to help you if you are in dire need, society will not pay your rent, your bills or medical expenses. Society especially the African society is only generous when you die, they will come to funeral and make generous contributions to give you a befitting burial but once you are alive you fully responsible for fighting your own battles.

If you decide to marry, choose someone who you think you can build a decent life with, someone who can support your business or your career objectives, someone who can help you move from point A to point B. Choose a partner who you know is determined to strive for a brighter future.

Love is not enough, physical attributes like beauty, shape, hips, breast will only begin to annoy you when the realities of marriage start to hit you right in the face. And then you will realize that the very society you tried to please don't give a shit about you.

Marriage is serious business; marriage is a pure financial decision and not an emotional decision. Love is blind but marriage will open your eyes. Choose carefully.

Joseph Atchulo
[email protected]