Rebecca, Please Do The Needful

By Abraham Lartey
Love & Relationships Rebecca, Please Do The Needful
MAY 6, 2022 LISTEN

Love is made up of a strong and positive emotion which nurtures good habits among people. People in love naturally have a deep affection towards others.

People who are in love care so much about others and are willing to sacrifice a lot for them. People in love will not even hurt a fly. People in love wish to do, say and act in a way that puts a smile on the faces of others. People in love exhibit a character of care, compassion, mercy, kindness, empathy, peace etc. People in love have a benevolent concern for the good of others. They become human right activist, social activists, animal protection and right agents etc

Being deeply loved by someone also gives one strength. Knowing there is this one person who loves you is enough to give you the strength to work with the interest of others at heart. Knowing you are loved by someone is the best feeling that gives life it's true meaning. That knowledge alone can turn the poorest man into wealth, the ugly into looking good and give the blind vision. If you are blessed to be loved by someone, then the whole world is yours to take. There is no telling the distance a loved person can go. If you are a President in love, the citizens will know.

Also, loving someone deeply gives courage. In fact, we are most alive when we are in love. A man or woman in love is more valuable than a billionaire without virtue. A person in love is very matured, calm, peaceful, strategic and kind. There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.

Finally, if love is a positive emotion which nurtures good habits among people, making them empathetic, willing to sacrifice, and have a deep affection towards other people, then as a country we plead with Rebecca to do the needful because someone needs love.

Thank you.

Abraham Lartey.