How To Earn Additional Income As A Single Parent

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APR 13, 2021 LISTEN

1. Ask your employer for a raise. If you still don’t make enough income to live comfortably, ask if your employer will meet with you privately. While it can be difficult to ask for a raise, give specific reasons why you think you deserve the additional money based on your work ethic or time you’ve spent on the job. Be confident while you talk with your employer and answer any questions they have for you. No matter what they say, thank them for their time and consideration.

Ask for a raise when your manager is in a good mood or after you’ve completed an important project since you might be more likely to get it.

Tip: Even if your employer can’t give you a raise, see if they can offer other benefits, such as insurance or childcare.

2. Claim earned income tax credit to pay less on your taxes. Single parents can get special deductions on their federal and state taxes and get more in their tax return. Check online for your eligibility for earned income tax credits (EITC) since you may be able to get more on your tax return when you file. Complete the EITC paperwork forms, which is usually 1040A or Form 1040, and include them in your tax return.

You may need to fill out additional forms if you were previously denied EITC.

3. Sell items around your home that you don’t use anymore. Look for items you own that you don’t use very often and try to sell them. You can try hosting a garage sale, posting them to online marketplaces, or taking them to resale stores. While they may not want to, encourage your children to find items they have that they don’t use anymore so they can sell them as well. As you sell your items, put the money toward your savings and any immediate expenses you need to pay.

Only sell as much as you’re comfortable doing. Don’t get rid of anything you need to use on a regular basis.

Let your children keep the money from anything they decide to sell so they can learn how to save as well.

4. Take a work-from-home job to earn extra income if you can. Check online job boards to see what kind of part-time jobs you can work remotely from home. You may take online surveys, write blog posts, or sell your own crafts to make additional money on the side. Take any money you earn to pay off any debts before putting it in savings.

Many remote jobs require a stable Internet connection and a computer.

Make sure you still have enough time to spend with your family and that you aren’t too exhausted after working multiple jobs.

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