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Corona's letter to the girl looking for love

Corona's  letter to the girl looking  for love
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Love is sweet I heard. I know love some people say they have is golden. I also know some love is played for social media and appearance. I know many people settle.

Yet I'm okay being single now . I'm okay letting friendships that no longer serve me go. Why? I've found the greatest love of all. That's learning to love myself. A little Whitney Houston truth for you there. I use to want someone to hold me when I'm weak, when I'm crying, when no one else is there, someone who enjoyed my company, gave me romance, would be my best friend and love me for all I am. Somebody who would stick by me through thick and thin.

Then I realised that person was my reflection in the mirror. I have always been there. I have wiped my tears, I have come through obstacles, I have brought myself joy and I have been there when no friend or person could be found. I realised no matter which man comes or goes or which friend deserts me I don't die. I eat again and life goes on. The truth of the matter I use to get get upset other people were not there for me or didn't love me the way I was suppose to be loved or I loved them.

Guess what I still survived without them, so I realise I didn't need them. I was surviving and thriving by myself. Each day I woke up and made it through the day. I needed me.

I needed to step up and give myself all the love that I deserved. I'm the only person whose love I can control. I'm the only person who dictates my moods and my happiness. I can make myself happy, I can make myself fulfilled and I can be my lover and best friend. Maybe one day a man will come and share in that love. However, even when that day comes I will still be in love with myself and expand my love to love him. He will be a very special man because he would have to win the heart of a woman dedicated to madly loving herself. That's not an easy heart to win for the wrong one.